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New York Downtown Business Magic Information Card (Mi-Card)

When 9-11 tragedy took place, the downtown businesses were devastated. What the businesses needed the most was a marketing solution to bring their business to normal. A few companies including IPO2U.COM and Manhattan Chamber of Commerce worked together to apply the value marketing and collective marketing principles to develop a low cost high impact marketing solution. The result is the Downtown Business Calling Card. The Downtown Business Calling Card (Click its Web rendition)  is loaded with valuable information and entertaining applications. It includes history, architecture, and scenery of New York including 3D Panoramic views of many downtown sites. It provides detailed information about how to get around New York, by car, by train, by subway or by ferry with map and schedule information. In memory of 9-11, songs, poems, photos and stories about the tragedy were collected along with numerous web links. Adopt-A-Company offered a collection of coupons for promoting downtown businesses. This interactive CD is a collectible item just for its information and entertainment value. 

To make this Mi-Card more useful and helpful to restore the downtown businesses, the Magic Directory concept is applied to this card..  

Downtown New York is of course well known for her famous financial district,  but she is also home of hundreds of world class shops and restaurants. In addition, there are many businesses ranging from the traditional professional services to emerging high technology firms. Two Downtown Business Directories using the ClickCall technology,   , were created and imbedded in the Magic Information Card, called 9-11 Downtown Business Calling Card (DBCC). The two downtown business directories included in the DBCC are named DBCC-I and DBCC-II . Just click the directory name and you can use it, it is absolutely free for the callers and free for the receivers as well with compliments of IPO2U.COM. Many business people find this card to be a real useful tool for doing business with Downtown NY. It certainly deserves the name Downtown Business Calling Card. 

The two DBCC directories offer enormous value for the world population who want to do business with New York or simply visit New York. In addition, there are other utility applications included, such as finding a city to match the area code or vice versa.  9-11DBCC Magic Information Card amply demonstrates the principles of value marketing and collective marketing. Together with the Magic Directory, DBCC-I and DBCC-II, it can help New York businesses to revive. The 9-11DBCC card can be ordered for personal use or as a vehicle for marketing your own business. You can also request to have your business listed in the directory for a small administrative fee. As a sponsor distributing a significant number of this card, your business will be linked with the Special Greetings button along with New York Governor Mr. Pataki's greeting. Send your order request to

If this example triggered you some ideas to develop a Magic Information Card for your own company (similar to 9-11DBCC or a different one), please click the contact us button to reach IPO2U.COM. Any size of Magic Directory can be created and included in your Magic Information Card to enhance its business value. 

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