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Magic Marketing for Online Shopping

TLC Information Services, Inc. Developer and owner of the Medical World Search (MWSearch) is launching a marketing campaign to promote e-commerce and online shopping and its super Online Shopping Mart. The growth of e-commerce and especially online shopping is catching attention of all businesses and merchants. However, the vast number of would-be online shoppers (either as clients  in B2B, business to business or as consumers in B2C, business to consumers, still need an informational education. We need to increase their awareness of (1) facts about online shopping (2) values and benefits of online shopping and (3) means and ease of doing effective online shopping. In a word, we need to develop an online shopping culture. We believe the magic marketing solution is the best vehicle for accomplishing that.

This Magic Marketing campaign is based on the Value Marketing Concept which simply says "offer persistent value to your potential customers, they will become your long-term loyal customers". This marketing campaign is taking advantage of the interactive Magic Information Card (Mi-Card). Mi-Card has been proven to be the best media for providing value marketing (see for example, a Mi-Card for promoting New York Downtown Business). Businesses have learned that offering Values  to customers produce magic effects (hot leads, callbacks, Impressions, Click-throughs, purchases and building customer relations). The interactive nature and useful utilities built-in the Mi-Card (one of the three components in the Magic Marketing Solution) when delivered to a customer induces the customer to keep it permanently (in the purse or wallet) and use it often (on the PC) thus creating a long-term loyal customer. Magic Information Card will be used to educate the online shoppers and cultivate an online shopping community. Mi-Card can offer  Persistent Value Marketing; no other medium can offer such a cost-effective time-persistent marketing solution. The other two components of the solution, The Magic Directory and Magic Icon are perfect tools for supporting a large online shopping community. Keep reading and don't miss this life-time opportunity to participate! 

The intelligent medical search engine web site, Medical World search, has launched a sizable online shopping mart on Memorial Day (2003). The mart has grown to more than 150 businesses and merchants. It has generated over 200, 000 impressions and 2500 click-throughs among the Medical World Search members and audiences in less than 50 days without any marketing or advertising effort. This testifies that online shopping has great potential. However, the challenges are 

Magic Information Card To Promote Online Shopping

IPO2U.COM is working with TLC Information Services to develop an Online Shopping Card to promote its shopping mart. This approach of marketing is quite significant. It may just create a new 'Net Card', a card of all cards for online shopping. We welcome partner to explore this great opportunity.  

The objective of this magic information card is to make it to be recognized as 'The Online Shopping Card'. Using this card, customers can learn about online shopping and engage in a friendly online shopping experience. With its rich and interactive medium working offline and online, this card is a promotion card, a marketing card, a voice communication card, a transaction card, a payment card and a record keeping card. Its potential value is tremendous. For the specific objective to promote e-business and e-commerce and TLC's shopping mart, the magic information card (Online Shopping Card),  Based on the concept of value marketing discussed above, will deliver the following and other values to potential online shoppers: 

The Mi-Card will be organized to represent, display and feature the MWS Online Shopping Mart in the following manner:

The online shopping card will be packed with values from prospects' point of view, we are certain this Magic Information Card directed at selected demographical population will create a big splash creating hundreds of thousands of potential online shoppers. The merchants contained in this Magic Information Card will enjoy the benefits of value marketing and collective marketing. The merchants will be the founders of a big interactive online shopping community. Best of all, this marketing campaign will not cost millions like in TV and other media.  Mi-Card is the best and most cost effective media for accomplishing the objectives stated above.

Comparison with Other Media

The traditional marketing through TV (buying seconds), Radio (buying minutes), Newspaper (buying hours) and Magazines (buying days) requires persistent (months or years) spending of lots of money in order to establish a name or product recognition. The return is pitifully small and the measurement is notoriously unscientific. The Magic Marketing Solution is revolutionary in the sense that the Mi-Card can deliver persistent values to potential customers with an affordable cost. The card stays with the potential customers for years leveraging on the built-in communication tools, easily maintainable ClickCall directories and lots of information and utility values and persistent links. Hence, Mi-Card will establish a persistent relationship with potential customers no other media can. (See a comparison white paper on Mi-Card versus other media)    

The web pages below contain more detailed information about how this revolutionary Magic Information Card will be designed produced and distributed. The information contained herein are confidential for participants and prospects of the Magic Marketing Campaign for the MWSearch Online Shopping Mart. If you had been invited to participate in this campaign, you would have received a userid (your email address) and password.  Please type in your userid and password and filled out the simple registration form. This registration entitles you to receive future information about this marketing campaign and its progress. Registering does not obligate you to participate in this campaign. However, registration is a pre-requisite for participation and participation will be space limited. If you are interested in reserving a place, please send an email to us immediately.  TLC Information Services and IPO2U.COM reserve the right to include or exclude any merchant in this Magic Marketing Campaign. If you have any difficulty using the form below or wish to place your business on a priority queue, please send an email to and in lieu of the registration form. (You may skip the registration form and continue below)


You are invited to preview the Magic Marketing Solution 

Please provide us with accurate information. As an invited participant, you have been given a userid and a password to enter this confidential web site. By filling out the  simple form below and click the submit button, you will be granted permission to preview the Magic Marketing Solution Site and its progress. You are not obligated to participate in the Magic Marketing campaign, however, you are expected to treat the information in this web site as confidential business information. 

*  = Required for identification and contact purposes

**  = Required for entering the Magic Marketing Solution Site 

Invited Guest

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User ID and Password

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I confirm that I will treat the Magic Marketing Solution information as confidential business information. 

Magic Marketing Campaign will be launched in 2003 before its yearend selling seasons. Values produce Magic. Magic creates loyal customers. Don't miss out the revolutionary opportunity!


Splash with Online Shopping Card before the X'mas Season

Based on past experiences and statistics, we know the year end selling season is the most critical one for almost all businesses. For some companies, it may represent as much as 50% of the company's annual revenue. The online shopping although still small compared to the total regular retailing, but at X'mas time, the e-commerce vendors outgrow their brick-mortar counterparts 3-5 times in different categories of retail goods. No doubt, it will happen again this year. This Online Shopping Card will accelerate that growth even more. A retailer already engaged in online shopping will benefit greatly from this Online Shopping Card. This online shopping card will be widely distributed and will become a hot item of the coming year end season. The major benefits in participating in this unique and advantageous online shopping card are 

* Increasing your revenue significantly which you can not afford to ignore

* Recognized as a pioneer in leveraging mature technologies to provide a convenient and friendly online shopping experience to your customers (this online shopping card will be a splash and many probably will try to imitate and follow but you will be remembered as the pioneer) 

* Great exposure and focused promotion of your business and products at a very small cost (highly leveraging your own web site)

* Bringing more traffic to your web site in the most cost effective way (the click-throughs to your web site will be tremendous)

* Building a persistent bond and a long term relationship with your prospects and customers (User survey data and location information for you)    

Design and Production of the Online Shopping Card

The card will be designed with the shoppers in mind. The information and utility values will be presented in a table of content. (see other sections in this web site describing Magic Marketing).  The main Shopping Mart will be laid out to resemble familiar retail scenario such as shopping mall and trade shows. Hyperlinks and communication tools (email, survey and Clickcall) will be strategically distributed. The shopping mart will be organized as follows:   

Main Page: The first page (every other page has return button to the main page, anchor page and residency page) has the Introduction and the Table of Content (Values Packed in this Card!).

Features: Online Shopping Mart (Named Earth CyberMart), Online Shopping related information, Anchors & Magic Marketing Tools (Magic Directories, Online Shopping card and Magic icons) and Mart residency.

Main Menu: Shopper Orientation, Shopping Information,  Mart Anchors, Mart Residents, Seasonal Pavilions & Earth CyberMart Directory 

Earth CyberMart Anchors: Highlight Web Pages on Products, Services and Company, leading to company online products and services

Mart Residents: Organized by categories, each with featuring logo, coupon, ads leading to company online shopping

Seasonal Pavilions: X'mas, New Year, Valentine, Easter, Spring, Mother's, Memorial, Father's, Summer, Independence, Fall, Back to School, Labor Day, Halloween, Winter, Thanksgiving

Earth CyberMart Directory: Magic Directory with web link, email and ClickCall service, ClickCall strategically placed with stores and products.

Distribution: 10,000 direct distribution through Medical World Search Membership mailing,  30,000 or more copies distributed through New York Times Newspaper routes or equivalent channel in selected Tri-State Area, 1000 copies of CD for each CyberMart Anchor, 250 copies for each Mall Resident and 80 copies for each Pavilion listing and 30 copies for each Directory listing company to distribute. Participants can order more for their own distribution. (Participants are welcome to suggest additional distribution)

Cost to Participate in the Online Shopping Card

Mi-Card is an amazing cost effective marketing and advertising medium (see comparison with print brochure, of course TV and Radio cost far more and have little persistency) 

Earth CyberMart Anchors - Selective and limited number, $10,000 per Anchor. Benefits include, Anchor Hall page, Mart Residency, category listing, listed in up to 6 seasonal Pavilions and listing in the Earth CyberMart Directory. Free ClickCall Service with 10 ClickCall Icon Placement on the CD and/or on the Anchor's web site. (free calls within one year)  Plus 1000 copies of CD with privilege to purchase additional CD at volume discount and to be included in additional seasonal pavilion at $100 per pavilion. (Plain Language: $10,000 for 1000 CDs, exposure through minimum 40,000 CDs likely more than 100,000 pair of eyeballs (or mouse buttons) with multiple number of viewing times (or click times), exposure through ClickCall directory and up to 1000 customer calls, Bottom line <$0.1 per "Persistent" Targeted Prospect, Excellent exposures and 1000 CD to distribute, an unbeatable marketing value!)

Mall Residency - $2500 per entry. Benefits include appearance in Mart Residency page, alphabetical and category list inclusions, up to 3 seasonal pavilions and listing in the Earth CyberMart Directory. Free ClickCall Service with 3 Click Call icon placement. (free calls within six months) Plus 250 copies of CD with privilege to purchase additional CD at volume discount and to be included in additional seasonal pavilion at $100 per pavilion. (Bottom line: $0.025 per "Persistent" Shared Prospect, Great exposures and 250 CDs to distribute directly) 

Seasonal Pavilion - $800 per entry. Benefits include one seasonal pavilion and listing in the Earth CyberMart Directory. Free Click Call service and one ClickCall icon placement. (free calls within 3 months) plus 80 copies of CD with privilege to purchase additional CD at volume discount and to be included in additional seasonal pavilion at $200 per pavilion. ($0.008 per "Persistent" Shared Prospect, Good exposures and 80 CDs to distribute directly)

Earth CyberMart Directory - $300 per Entry. Benefits include listing in the directory by category and alphabetical order. Free ClickCall Service with one ClickCall Icon placement in the directory. (free calls within one month) Plus 30 copies of CD with privilege to purchase additional CD at volume discount and to be included in seasonal pavilion at $500 per pavilion (optional). (Lowest cost and more persistent exposure than any other directories or yellow page plus 30 CDs to distribute) (Comparison: Cost more to be listed in a local paper phone book of 10,000 circulation)

Non-Profit Organizations relevant to e-commerce and/or e-business may be listed free of charge and receive 10 CDs for $100.   

ClickCall Service - Callers (customers and prospects) can call merchants from anywhere on the Internet while shopping online. This service is available to Earth CyberMart Directory listings (all participants are listed). Listing of participant's 800 numbers is free of charge. Listing to use the Online Shopping Mart call center service is $0.5 per call (3 min call, answered by professionals who will send email with caller information, name, contact and subject to merchant). Listing of participant company number in New York City is $15 per month phone charge (beyond free period) and for any number outside of New York city in US is $50 per month (beyond free call period). Listing of international number is subject to a negotiated phone charge. This ClickCall service can be opted out with 3-day advance notice by email. When the service is terminated, a  courtesy recording will direct caller to visit merchant's web page.           

* IPO2U and TLC Information Services will offer a commission of $1000 to anyone not employed by the companies who brings an anchor sponsor for the Online Shopping Card. Please contact for any inquiry concerning Earth CyberMart Online Shopping Card

Participate in Online Shopping Card and Share the Success 

The format of the Online Shopping Card is of credit card size (fit in a wallet, ultimately it may replace the tens of magnetic credit cards people carry in the wallet or purse) with approximately 50MB of information capacity. The anchor stores will be carefully selected and the Mart Residents will be limited to quality choice. Conflict of interest and inappropriate businesses will not be included. Not all merchants in the current  MWSearch Online Shopping Mart (at ) will be automatically included. The card supported Online Shopping Mart will be beautified and laid out to serve the online shoppers (Online web site will work with the card synergistically). This card will provide more space and speed than web sites for anchors and residents to offer their targeted promotions and products. A few preliminary mark-up and sample collections are shown as examples. (Online Shopping Card Markup, See the in-progress Mark-up Page)

The following will be included in the design: (See Samples in Progress - Markup)

Cover Page: Photographical, Autoload and Open with Browser, Special Greeting Button (and will return to Feature Page). Description of Value of this Magic Information Card. Anchor store names and total number of participants and number of business categories and a next button leading to Feature Pages. Glance of Table of Content. 

Anchor Feature: Display of Anchor Stores (limited to 4-8 Anchors), graphical logo and image provided by anchors, promotion of products and services supplied by anchors, links to Anchor's web site (must be returnable page), links to Mart residency, Pavilions and Earth CyberMart Directory. Links to valuable information, card content and web pages. 

Mart Residency: Display of all Mall Residents in a business category and in an alphabetical resident directory. Clickable links to resident display of logo, products and services (supplied by merchants), links to resident's web site (must be returnable page). Links to information and web pages promoting online shopping, statistics and valuable information, example daily currency conversion table.

Seasonal Pavilion: Displayed in the Seasonal Pavilion in  a separate directory. Clickable links to resident display of logo, products and services (supplied by merchants), links to resident's web site (must be returnable page). Links to information and web pages promoting online shopping, statistics and valuable information, example daily currency conversion table.

Earth CyberMart Directory: Alphabetical listing of all entries with hyperlink to merchant web site if available.

The progress beyond the samples will be available only for participants to browse (Markup pages). Participants should feel free to make suggestions to enhance the card value. 

Participants will be invited from a list of merchants offering online shopping. (Send an email to to get invited) The MWSearch Online Shopping Mart ( ) currently has 159 stores. (Click here to visit) Due to large collections of images and logos, the site retrieval may be slow. In the actual Online Shopping Card, most graphics, images and logos will be resident on the Card hence speeding up browsing for customers' convenience. This is another important advantage of the Online Shopping Card! Saving time and providing shopping convenience are key to successful online shopping. Naturally, participation in this card will have great advantages over those not participating. The magic power will continue to work for the merchants contained in this card. Participants will also be offered new opportunities as this card and future cards are going to be issued and distributed. The participants will be the pioneers of this Magic Online Shopping Community.  


 Earth CyberMart: Online Shopping Card 

Thank you for visiting this web site. We believe this project will be making a significant impact on online shopping in 2003 and many years beyond. We welcome your participation to share the success. We also welcome your comments and suggestions for improving the card design and its mass distribution. As we have emphasized in the above presentation, packing with great values and leveraging collectively on many visionary participants' product and service offerings, this Online Shopping Card will be treasured by online shoppers (perhaps even by offline shoppers!). This card will build and bind together a strong online shopping community which will prosper for many years to come! Please note the Card is scheduled to be distributed in the Fall! Reserve your participation now! 

Please send or a note to participate and express your opinion. Thanks.

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