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I800 Directory for Health Industry
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NY Downtown Business Magic Information Card
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MWSearch Online Shopping Mart
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Magic Information Card (Mi-Card)

The Magic Information Card also known as Mi-Card is a product on its own which is like an off-line web site complimentary to but much richer than an on-line web site for marketing purposes. The Magic Information Card is imbedded with Free Call Software hence rendering the card as a "True Calling Card" and rendering any directories contained therein to be a Magic Directory, that is callable from anywhere in the world over the Internet.

Mi-Card integrates Internet, disc storage, communication and software technologies and creates a powerful medium, extremely low cost, but capable of delivering information and applications interactively with real-time communication tools. Mi-Card with various utility functions incorporated can serve many businesses with many novel applications. A number of examples are shown in the Mi-Card web site such as the Downtown Business Calling Card. Application of Mi-Card is only limited by one's imagination, for instance, Interactive Information Card, Internet Calling Card, Personal Name Card and Low-cost Archive Card, just to name a few.  

Mi-Card, used as a Magic Information Card as a part of the Magic Marketing Solution, can offer a business tremendous marketing value. It is extremely cost effective compared to other marketing media. 

In implementing the Magic Marketing Solution, you may consider the Magic Directory as a 'pull' solution and the Magic Information Card as a 'push' solution, completely complimentary and mutually amplifying. Magic Directory, linked to the business web site, attracts or pulls potential customers to contact you via the ClickCall function; whereas the Magic Information Card, loaded with marketing information and utility values, are delivered or pushed to the targeted business prospects to convert them into loyal customers. These product components can work synergistically to achieve your marketing objectives continuously forever.  

Please click Contact Us to initiate a discussion with IPO2U.COM regarding designing and producing a Magic Information card for your business. Whether you are domestic business wish to expand territory or go abroad or you are international business wish to reach US or just New York. We can help you to accomplish your goal cost effectively.   


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