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Calling Software

The CodecPhone Calling Software is associated with the Magic Icon, ClickCall technology, the Magic Directory and the Magic Information Card. Wherever the magic icon is present, its marketing value is present because of the instant ClickCall capability offered by the calling software. When the magic icon is placed next to a product name or a company name or a phone number, it signifies one thing, that is, any potential customer can simply Click and Call the company while connected on the Internet. If the customer did not have the calling software on his or her computer, a message will be prompted to direct the customer to either install the calling software from the Magic Information Card or to download the calling software from a server onto his or her computer. The calling software is always preloaded onto the Magic Information Card for simple installation. Downloading of the calling software is also very simple. The customer only needs to fill out a user registration form to obtain a permission to download the software. The CodecPhone Calling Software is usually provided free of charge to business customers to use by the merchants or by IPO2U.COM.

For example, the above two icons can be clicked and called to reach a staff at during business hours. If you do not have the calling software already installed on your computer, just follow the instruction to download the calling software. Once you have the software, you can click any Magic Icon appearing anywhere on the Internet and make an Internet call to a telephone number that is associated with the Magic Icon.  

In operation, when a Magic Icon is clicked, it will launch the Free Calling Software and present a calling interface for the user to see. The call is handled automatically with the usual phone dialing. A user needs only a microphone and a pair of speakers connected to the PC. The receiver of the call of course can use any ordinary phone, a desk phone or a cell phone. If the Free Calling Software was not installed on the PC, then the Magic Icon would prompt the user with a message to help the user to download or install the Free Call Software. A version of the CodecPhone Calling Interface is shown below.

Magic Icon is a generic symbol representing CodecPhone Calling Software but it has specific significance when placed on any web page, in a  Magic Directory and/or in a Magic Information Card. The significance is in the software which will display a specific identification (name) representing a business and provide a phone number belonging to the business which owns or sponsors the Magic Icon appearing on a specific spot. (web page, a private or public Directory or in a special Magic Information Card). The Magic Icon with associated calling software is licensed to Magic Marketing Solution clients to use under a client license agreement. Please contact or call IPO2U.COM for licensing. 

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