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Magic Directories

The Magic Directory name is not selected by random rather it is designed to carry the message to our business customers. Our Directory has more real value and offers more future opportunities, they will work magic for businesses. Presently, businesses pay several hundred to thousands of dollars to get their business names listed in paper yellow pages. With Internet users growing exponentially, online yellow pages and directories are trying to take away the value of paper yellow pages. Yes, the paper yellow pages is an endangered species but in its place, a new solution must emerge to provide the original value plus more to anticipate the impact of Internet commerce. Our Magic Directory offers more value than any other on-line directories.

What is different in Magic Directory compared to the non-magic online and off-line directories? The following table shows the differences:  

MagicDirectory Yellow Pges Online Yellow Pages Online Directory
Web Site


         N/A, Most phone companies' web sites, eg.

Microsoft Bcentral

At&T Any Who

Yahoo Directory

Benefits Simple page look-up, comprehensive categories, no input necessary, listings can be clicked and called instantly world wide online, no need to reveal phone numbers, web site links, email, simple listing procedure, any business and/or phone number can be listed anytime, listed numbers are equivalent to world wide accessible toll free numbers   Established brand name, large database, local recognition Complimentary to paper yellow pages, listing time more flexible,  web site links Similar to online yellow pages, web site links,  search variation
Deficiency Global database yet to be established although local databases can be rapidly created Global database yet to be established, no link to web site, no instant call capability, various phone companies competing for local phone book business Global database yet to be established, must input to search, some require input phone numbers to get call back (privacy and time lag issues)  Global database yet to be established, must input parameters to search, no instant call capability 
Cost $300/yr or  $27.5/mn, NYC special $30/yr (9-11DBCC), free for Internet callers, merchants receive toll free calls $300-$1000/yr, not free for callers $60-320/mn, $249/yr, not free for callers, merchants pay for call back charges $399-1199/yr, not free for callers, merchants pay for call back charges
Services Full maintenance and Updates, Calling Card Available for Marketing, Web site and web page Call Icon support and web development Published once a year or every two years and no services Must have phone companies' phone service to get white page and basic listing, limited service online   Minimum service via web support

From the above comparison, you can see that MagicDirectory is the winning solution for reaching out to prospects and getting instant feedback and action. List your business in a MagicDirectory or contact us to create a MagicDirectory of your own to let the Magic Marketing power working for your business.

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