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What Is Magic Marketing Solutions?
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I800 Directory for Health Industry
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NY Downtown Business Magic Information Card
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Products and Services

Our Magic Marketing Solution consists of a basic set of products and services which are added with other valuable components to make the solution uniquely working magic for a particular business. Let's first explain the basic offerings and then discuss the possible added values.

The first product component is the Magic Directory which incorporates the ClickCall function rendering the directory a world-wide accessible toll free business directory over the Internet. Any business can be listed in any of our public Magic Directories or create their own Directory on their web site or on their Magic Information Card.

The second product component is the Magic Information Card (Mi-Card) which is like an off-line web site complimentary to but much richer than the on-line web site for marketing purpose. The Mi-Card is imbedded with Free Call Software hence render the card as a "True Calling Card" and render any directories contained therein to be 'Magic Directory', that is callable from anywhere in the world over the Internet.

The third product component is the Magic Icon which is used throughout the Magic Directories and Mi-Cards to signify the ClickCall capability which will work wonders for a business to draw hot leads and turn them into customers. These icons can be placed on any business's web pages to offer the ClickCall function and the download of the free call software. 

Behind these products, a service is offered to maintain and support your listing, directory, information card and customer call response.

All the product components can be used independently or cooperatively to expand its effect. All products are supported with tender-loving-care (TLC) services to make sure they work for our business customers. Magic Directory comes with convenient listing and list maintenance service. Mi-Card comes with design and production services and web creation and maintenance services if needed. Magic Directory and Magic Icon comes with 7/24 maintenance and update services at customers' convenience as well as highly educated professional call response agents if needed..

In implementing Magic Directory and/or Magic Information Card, additional value such as discount coupon, financing service or other alliance or collective marketing may be included to enhance value to the business prospects. Numerous 'value' items in terms of information, games, training tools etc can be included in the Magic Information Card as well. Interactive advertising can be incorporated in the Magic Directory to prompt real-time action or customer survey. One can see clearly that these products can be adopted in any business' marketing plan to deliver the most cost effective message to reach and retain business prospects. Click the product items in the menu on this page to get more details.        

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