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List Your Business

List a business phone number or a contact to any Magic Directory is really a simple procedure. There is no waiting time nor any condition that the contact number must be serviced by a certain phone company. Using online form or email, the listing can be done within the same day. Once a contact number is listed, it becomes activated immediately. Clients, potential customers or suppliers can use it to contact your company world wide. Currently, any business can list its contact number in the e-Directory free of charge. Any New York business can list its contact number in the DBCC directories with a small administrative fee.

Since the Magic Directory has world-wide unlimited accessibility (not like paper phone directories which always have a limit on print volume, hence limiting the number of users, especially for local phone directories), it is reasonable to expect that a listing in the Magic Directory will and can expect calls from all over the world.  A Magic Directory may be characterized into four major categories:

Regional directory such as the DBCC-I and DBCC-II directory listing mainly New York businesses but for the world to use them
Industry oriented directory such as the categories shown in the e-Directory template like airline, auto, entertainment, public school etc. Each category can expect world-wide usage or local usage.
Extended toll-free directory such as the i800 for Health extending toll-free numbers beyond country boundaries.
Privately maintained directory designed for a closed group of users such as a client group or a membership directory of an organization 

However, except the private Magic Directory which will be designed for a private organization to own and control, the public Magic Directory is just a growing database which can be easily partitioned and organized into regional or industry directories to satisfy the world-wide users needs. The e-Directory is the template for constructing the Magic Directory for various business communities. Listing in the e-Directory now will entitle your business the benefits of the Magic Directory as it grows.

The present yellow page and other non-magic directories are facing tremendous competition and in-fighting. IPO2U.COM welcomes partnership to convert a non-magic directory to a Magic Directory for revenue growth. 

Get The Magic Marketing Power

The Magic Directory works synergistically with the Magic Information Card to create the marketing power for your business. Once your business is listed in the Magic Directory or you have created a private directory for your business, you can then exploit the power of the magic Information Card to reach out and retain customers. 

Please click contact us if your business could use the Magic Marketing power to enhance your business. IPO2U.COM will be happy to be your business partner.  

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