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1. Objectives of 9-11 DBCC and Roster of Sponsors and Supporters
2. History of Downtown and Interesting Places - Plus A Virtual Tour
Getting Around Downtown (Lower Manhattan)
DBCC-Directory I - Shopping and Dining
DBCC-Directory II - Financial and Professional Services and Technology Businesses
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The DBCC directory is a business productivity tool. It lists the phone numbers (some with websites) of a business community so it can be used as an internal communication directory for the community. This directory concept (i800/e800) makes an ordinary phone number more powerful than a toll free number and extends a toll free number beyond country boundary. Therefore, it is extremely useful for customers and clients domestic or global to reach the businesses. You may say that calling from the PC and Internet is a little ahead of the time, but You know, people say that about car phone and mobile phone not long ago. All you need is a microphone and speaker on the PC (or a headset). The calling software takes care of the rest. Go ahead and download the calling interface, CodecPhone and make your call.

You can either use the classified list or the alphabetical list to call.

Personal&Prof. Serv


Copy and Printing Services Financial Services Communications
Custom Framing Banks and Check Cashing Software 
Dry Cleaning Investor Design
Film Developing Income Tax Information Tech.
Gaming Management Networks
Hair Salon Stock Exchange Security
Hardware & Locksmiths Business Support  
Insurance Agents Newspaper  
Meeting Space    
Nail Salon    
Real Estate    
Shoe Repair/Shine    
Travel Agency    

It is hoped that the Downtown businesses will all submit their selections of category and subcategories to make these directories more convenient for their customers to use. You may visit the 9-11DBCC website for more updated listing. You can use the CodecPhone to click and call from the website as well.

Click here to access alphabetically ordered list of DBCC II  just click and call.

For Business Owners: Use the the form below to submit your phone numbers to be listed in the DBCC Directory under the desired category.

For Callers: If you don't find the business with category, go browse the alphabetical list.  

Listing Services


Listing Procedure:

  1. Register, all fields required simple registration form 

       Currently, please fill out the form as below, and send email to us. 

    First Name: _____________________  Web Site URL: 
    Last Name: _____________________   1. http:// __________________
     Company Name:______________   2. http:// __________________
     Address: ___________________   3. http:// __________________
     City: ______________________  Phone No. To be listed:
     State: ______________________   1.  ( ____ ) - _____- ______
     Zip: ________________________   2.  ( ____ ) - _____- ______
     Phone: _____________________   3.  ( ____ ) - _____- ______
     Fax: _______________________   Category Name to be listed in: 
     Email: ______________________      Main Category: _____________ 
      ( Email must be correct to receive confirmation to activate calling software)      Sub Category:  _____________ 


  2. Verify the listing
  3. Try to call the number to verify that it is working properly (refer download to get calling software)
  4. Any User of IPO2U Calling Software (Anyone Who Requested the Free Dowload) Can Recommend Listing of Toll Free Numbers in the I800 Directory (Use Download Registration Form Or Send An E-Mail)

    You may send an email requesting the calling software and recommending the
    listing of i800 numbers. The email must contain accurate information about
    personal and company name, address, valid email address for communication,
    contact phone number and the toll free numbers you desire to be listed in
    the i800 directory.  Send E-mail to info@ipo2u.com



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