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Of course Downtown is more than shopping and dining. There is the financial district and there is the emerging high-tech business community known as the Technology Business Exchange (T/BEX). Early on, the Downtown Alliance recognized the growing importance of the high-tech industry. In 1995, Downtown Alliance helped establish T/BEX (formerly called the Information Technology District, or ITD) in the downtown district south of Chambers Street. The hi-tech community is anchored by the New York Information Technology Center @ 55 Broad Street, itself home to more than 75 leading high-tech companies. In 1997, the Plug’n’Go program is created to provide affordable, pre-wired office space to high-tech start-ups. This hi-tech neighborhood is nicknamed Silicon Alley as a peer to Silicon Valley on the West Coast.  For more information about T/BEX, you may email ContactUs@DowntownNY.com.

Downtown is also known for its financial district. Banks, investment banks, insurance companies and brokerage houses are clustered around Wall Street as well as many professional services that support the financial industry. 

The business directory in 9-11 DBCC not only includes technology companies but also financial and professional services. As a means of promoting Downtown business, the directory can serve as an internal communication tool. Employees can click the company phone number and be connected directly to the company. Businesses within Downtown or New York can reach each other through a click of a mouse. Externally, the directory can serve as a business calling card. Customers or clients can call from anywhere in the world over the Internet to reach any business in the directory. No matter where you are, such a call does not cost the caller a penny. To downtown businesses these calls are like local calls. The 9-11 DBCC II directory allows you to view company information, provide links to their websites and select telephone numbers from an alphabetically ordered list without using a search engine. Try the DBCC Directory II and you will treasure it. 

If you would like to add additional businesses to the directory, please send an email to info@ipo2u.com along with the appropriate telephone number and contact information.  



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