X. Front Cover

1. Objectives of 9-11 DBCC and Roster of Sponsors and Supporters
2. History of Downtown and Interesting Places - Plus A Virtual Tour
Getting Around Downtown (Lower Manhattan)
DBCC-Directory I - Shopping and Dining
DBCC-Directory II - Financial and Professional Services and Technology Businesses
9-11 Memorial Websites - Poems, Songs, Photos, Videos and Stories
Utility Tools - Area Code and International Call Tables and World Wide Toll Free Directory

8. Acknowledgement of Contributors 

9. Contact Us and Order Information

Together with Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and NYC Economic Development Corporation Adopt-A-Company program, a group of downtown businesses is working to find ways to help recover and grow their businesses. From a number of brainstorming sessions, the group concluded it would be more effective to promote downtown business as a whole with the hope that more businesses will participate in the collective effort to revitalize the area.

The group, called Business for Downtown Business, has decided to undertake two projects. The first one is to produce an interactive CD to promote the downtown businesses. The second one is to launch a Business for Downtown Business Seminar Series. The interactive CD will include a number of downtown business phone directories which can be clicked and called from anywhere in the world over the Internet using this CD. Hence the CD is a Downtown Business Calling Card (DBCC). Since the CD has been scheduled to be published around the anniversary of 9-11 tragedy, which seriously damaged downtown businesses in the past year, this CD is also a 9-11 Memorial CD. The CD contains poems, pictures, stories and related links in memory of the victims of last year's tragedy. Therefore, we have entitled this CD as 9-11DBCC.


The two main objectives of these projects are:    

A. To demonstrate, in memory of 9-11 we have all come out stronger.
B. To promote downtown businesses with innovative ideas

The 9-11DBCC are distributed via sponsors, supporters and downtown businesses who recognize the significance of this interactive CD and its business productivity and utility value. This CD also has a historical significance as a 9-11 memorial CD. We hope the owners of this CD will treasure it and use it for doing business with Downtown New York.

The first two seminar events of the Business for Downtown Business Seminar Series have been held on 8/29/02 and 9/6/02 respectively. This seminar series will be continued as needed. The seminar topics can be found on the 9-11DBCC web site



These projects can never get off the ground without the volunteers' hard work and the contributions from sponsors and supporters. Our generous sponsors and supporters are introduced below and individuals and other organizational contributors are acknowledged in Chapter 8.

The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and it’s international affiliate, The Manhattan  International Development Corporation supports the business community through legislative initiatives, 3-4 networking events and seminars per month, web site marketing, international outreach and partnerships with many other business organizations and trade associations in all industries. We have over 1500 members located in Manhattan, NYC as a whole and the tri-state area. Also included are 460+ chambers of commerce throughout the US and Canada. And we partner in NYC with over 100 industry organizations to create opportunities for business development for our members. Please visit www.manhattancc.org for more information on our chamber.
  Adopt-A-Company is a unique and effective way to give corporate or individual support to the many small businesses hurt by the September 11th attacks in New York City. It's simple. Major corporations, firms, foundations or wealthy individuals ("Sponsors") may adopt one or more small companies ("Adoptees") and help them restore their business in New York City. It is entirely up to Sponsors and their Adoptees to work out the terms and extent of an adoption. Adopt-A-Company is 100% voluntary and pro bono.  The entire program is online and has been developed and sponsored by volunteer businesspeople, with the financial and logistical support of the New York City Economic Development Corporation on behalf of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. For more information, please visit http://www.adopt-a-company.org/.
  The Medical World Search is a special medical search engine and health information service web site sponsored by TLC Information Services. MWSearch has been offered for public use on the Internet since 1996. Currently, MWSearch's membership covers over 40 countries. The MWS search engine understands medical thesaurus in terms of symptoms, diseases, medicine and treatments. It expands a query term to include specific and relevant medical terminology before searching a database. MWSearch has been offered to 9-11 victims and their family members. Please visit http://www.mwsearch.com/ for more information.   

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