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Demonstration of Solution Components

As you have seen, our Magic Marketing Solution consists of three basic components and other value elements to make the solution uniquely working magic for a particular business. These components can be used separately or collectively to make its marketing impact. In the following, we demonstrate the Magic Directory with two examples. One is the i800 Directory for Health Industry which creates a health industry community among the listed health organizations and people who are interested in communication with these organizations. Just click the i800 Directory for Health Industry here or on the index column in the home page, you will see the directory. This directory is a ClickCall directory. If you had downloaded or installed the free calling software on your PC, you would be able to ClickCall any number on the directory. (See Index below contact us to get free calling software, make sure the gateway address is set correctly before you call, call us if you have any problem)

The second demonstration goes further to show how one may easily construct a Magic Directory to serve a business or a community's purpose. Just Click the World Wide Toll Free Directories here or on the index column, you will see the illustration. 

In the Magic Directory demonstration examples, the ClickCall technology is represented by the Magic Icon (one of the three solution components) appearing on the directories. The function and application of Magic Icon can be easily extrapolated to any or all web pages where a friendly convenient ClickCall solution can serve the user to do business online with voice communication.   

The Magic Information Card (Mi-Card) is the other main solution component which is leveraging Internet and is complimentary to web sites to achieve marketing and sales objectives. If you have seen a comparison,  no other medium can compare with Magic Information Card in both effectiveness and cost . We demonstrate here with a working example, Magic Information Card (Mi-Card) for NY Downtown Business. This Mi-Card is replicated as a web site for demonstration. In practice, people would use this CD card with high-speed and ease-of-use advantages as well as the ability of making online real-time interactions such as the voice communication. Just Click the NY Downtown Business Mi-Card here to browse through its rich content and lots of utility values. This card was produced after the infamous 9-11 attack, hence, it contains materials related to the event with the purpose of promoting the Downtown businesses back to normal.  This Mi-Card is imbedded with Free Call Software rendering the card as a "True Calling Card". This card contains two major directories, directory I (dining and shopping) and Directory II (businesses). Both directories are 'Magic Directory', that is callable from anywhere in the world over the Internet. All who loves New York should have one. 

After witnessing these live Magic Directories, you probably have lots of ideas of how you may construct such a Magic Directory for your business, be it import-export, vendor network, customer relations or privileged clients. The advantages of  these marketing solution components as discussed in earlier pages can really work magic for your business. Please contact us to get an action plan going. 

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