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Magic Marketing Solutions

Our Magic Marketing Solution is based on the concept of 'Value Marketing'. Value Marketing is simply defined as offering values to business prospects from their perspectives through out the marketing processes. The more value your prospect is receiving, perceiving or appreciating, the more successful is your marketing effort. 

We have integrated a set of mature technologies which are essential for creating and supporting e-commerce and e-business communities. We leverage these technologies and other useful business utility tools for businesses to promote products and services. Integrating our clients' offering (be it information, products and/or services) on this 'Value Base', we have essentially created a powerful marketing solution. We select the mature and inexpensive CD as the base medium and Integrate the Internet technologies (including multimedia, web and telephony) with it to produce a powerful interactive marketing medium, we call it Magic Information Card. (Mi-Card) A value packed Mi-Card will be treasured by business prospects, hence, it offers a persistent marketing medium no other medium can compete with. Clients can have total control of the Mi-Card Medium through its interactivity thus can continuously deliver value and offer products and services to the prospects and retain them as long-term loyal customers.  

Does our Magic Marketing Solution sound intriguing? Actually, it is quite simple to grasp. You pack 'value' on a low cost Mi-Card and offer to your business prospects. Let the 'value' perform magic. The magic is that you will continuously receive hot leads, feedback, sales and business transactions from your business prospects. You have a measurable marketing solution that cost very little to get started. You can monitor your prospect community's interaction with your business to gain understanding of your customers' needs. Mi-Card performs the best when it is supported with magic Directory and magic Icon. Therefore, our Magic Marketing Solution has three basic components.  

We believe in simple but smart approach to do marketing. We believe our business prospects, like you,  value accurate, reliable and useful information. Therefore, on this web site, you will find nothing but information value which will help you to grow your business. First, please Check out the three components of our Magic Marketing Solution (follow the index on the left) and understand how they may work magic for your business. You may start with any of our product components to achieve the strategic marketing goal -- that is to reach and retain your business prospects and turn them into your loyal customers. 


The demonstrations of our solutions are shown to you next. You are then encouraged to browse through the Online Shopping Card marketing plan where Magic Marketing Is Applied. Also included are two white papers regarding the concepts and philosophy behind the Magic Marketing Solution. This site is rich with information and ideas, we hope you will enjoy it.




 Typical Solution Scenario




Company 2GROW has decided to adopt the Magic Marketing Solution as the key part of its strategic marketing plan. The company is aiming at the 22-55 age group with access to Internet as its target customers. Company 2GROW is  in the financial services industry. First, the company has placed its company name and its consultants' phone numbers in the ClickCall New York Downtown Business Directory, an exemplary Magic Directory, as shown below. (See comparison with the non-magic directories)



Category: Financial Services (truncated sample)

2GROW Financial Services, 1 World Wide Business Center 1212growbig << Call
2GROW Financial Planning, 1 World Wide Business Center 1212planbig << Call
Belzberg Financial Markets, 55 Broad Street 12129431400 << Call
BRIDGE, 3 World Financial Center 12123727100 << Call
Deutsche Financial Services Advanced Technology Services, 55 Broad Street 12125093149 << Call
Global Crossing Financial Markets, 88 Pine Street 12124126400 << Call
Storage Technology Corp., 1 World Financial Center 12124160700 << Call
Thomson Financial Media, 1 State Street Plaza 12128038200 << Call




2GROW really desires to have its own online ClcikCall Directory for its clients and prospects to use.  2GROW expects the directory to generate hot leads from all over the world for their financial services and financial planning businesses. To make the directory known to business prospects, 2GROW designs a Mi-Card to distribute to potential clients. Mi-Card will provide convenience (easy to use), incentive (fast and cost saving) and value (many other information value and utility tools) to prospects. Mi-Card adds a little 'Push' to the marketing, 2GROW has packed some significant values into the Magic Information Card including some financial planning calculators, a number of white papers on asset allocation, inheritance tax changes, debt refinancing and college savings planning under IRS 529. A couple of real-time links to interest rate and currency exchange as well as 2GROW's web site links such as newsletter are also included. Most importantly, a 2GROW ClickCall directory including all company phone numbers, additional cell phone numbers of the company specialists and other business alliances such as banks are all included in the 2GROW magic information card (as well as on a web site) to make the card as a "true calling card".


2GROW mails 2000 of the 2GROW Magic Information Card to their business prospects world wide. In addition, 2GROW will place the call icon onto their new web site next to every product and service they offer. These calls will go directly to their financial advisors or experts instead of a call center agent.  In this way, 2GROW can receive specific leads for each product and service from the web visitors and respond with corresponding experts. 2GROW will have a complete record of which clients have used its Mi-Card and called its staff. 


For implementing the above scenario, how much does 2GROW have to pay? A lot of money? A lot of internal skills? You will be surprised how it can be done with a small 4-digit budget, cheaper than running a couple of ads in the newspaper or in a magazine. The company saves plenty in phone charges and gains a ton of goodwill. The maintenance is outsourced.  


This scenario probably raised some questions. Please browse more in this web site to appreciate the full Power of Magic Marketing. 



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