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Greatest Game for All Ages

Why Does MWSearch Endorse The Game Braino?

Braino is a game for education, for entertainment and for health and it is indeed a game for all ages. Medical World Search is proud to publicly endorse the game not because it is invented by Dr. Chang who is the founder of Medical World Search but because it is an exciting game that does stimulate, challenge and entertain human brains. Every staff in the Medical World Search has played the game and loved the game. MWSearch urged Dr. Chang to make the game available to the public. MWSearch sees the game's value for families where family members can play together and enjoy. MWSearch also sees its value in schools where teachers and students can make learning more fun. MWSearch also sees its value for senior citizens in retirement homes and hospices where the game can be used to stimulate brains and keep people healthy. 

Braino is a game that can be played in many ways with varying rules. The rules can be selected to suit the group of players to make it more fun and/or more challenging. The game also connects to a number of popular games so the game can be easily learned.

What Is Braino? Or Its Alternate Scrammble or Braino Scrammble?

Braino (Or alternate Scrammble*) is a word game system with an assembly of game components and a set of playing methods for the purpose of providing brain stimulation, education and entertainment.   The game system is based on the principle of dynamically scrambling alphabets in one's brains to form meaningful words to win score in a number of games. The assembly of game components consists of  (1) a set of alphabets with points as well as score multipliers associated with them making the scoring fun and brain stimulating, (2)  a set of rules describing how Scrammble, Scrammble Poker and Scrammble Majong are played with Braino cards and (3) optional accessories such as dice, chips, dictionary and game boards. These games have been filed with patent applications to the US Patent Office.  The Braino word games can be played as a variety of board games, card games and tile games with or without a number of specific game boards in a familiar setting of different games such as Scrabble ,  Poker and Majong games. Braino increases challenges and fun to the popular game concepts, hence the games are very easy to learn and play yet they produce many varieties that are suited for different age groups. The game components and playing methods can be implemented in an electronic and computer system to render interactive remote playing among players connected through computer network as well as with participation of audience in television, cable and Internet broadcast programs through on-site or remote control. In any of the playing formats, the brain stimulation and entertaining functions are maintained to improve the players' brain and physical health. Learning or education of course is a great side benefit. 

The product* offered here through  online purchase (containing 3 playing methods for 3 Principal Games and variations) can be played by a number of people in physical presence such as in a family gathering, social function and/or classroom. The product consists of a durable plastic  box containing 136 cards, a set of rule cards (including Majong pattern cards) and a pair of dice. The three principal games are described below with order information to follow. 

* Patent Pending * Braino and Scrammble trademark intended

Three Principal Games in One Braino Set (Only English version described here)

(1) Play Braino as Regular Scrammble

Each card is printed with an English alphabet, an assigned point from 1 to 13 for each alphabet weighted inversely by its frequency of occurrence in the English vocabulary. Each alphabet may have more than one card, for instance, alphabet E is given 1 point and has 15 cards whereas the alphabet Z is given 13 points but only has one card. Some of the vowels are also given a multiplier for example, 2xL is given to one E which means, in scoring the points, one can multiply the points of the alphabet to the left of this E by a factor of 2. Similarly, 3xR is given to another A which means one can multiply the points of the alphabet to the right of this A by a factor of 3. Only a few vowels are given this kind of multipliers. In addition, there are four wild cards in the playing deck. The wild cards are given zero point but they can be used as any alphabet in the formation of a word. Two of the wild cards are also given a multiplier but the multiplication is applied to the total word points (sum of all alphabet points). Hence the wild cards are powerful cards.

The playing rules of the regular Scrammble are simple but the game is fun and exciting. Throw dice to determine who starts the game. Each player takes turn to flip open an alphabet card and place it in the center of the table. This continues till someone is able to form (spell) a word out of the open cards. Any player can 'Scrammble' a formed word by adding one or more additional alphabet cards that are opened and shown on the table. (For example, 'games' is scrambled into 'images' by adding the letter i) one can also combine the alphabets of two or more formed words and scramble into a new word. (For example, 'ratio' and 'gene' are combined into 'generation' by adding an n)  The players set the rule on what is the minimum length of the word that can be formed (for young kids, 2 alphabets as the minimum is recommended). The players also set the rule on which exceptions are not allowed, for instance, adding a s to a noun and making it plural or adding a d or ed to a verb etc. All exceptions must be agreed by all players before the game begins. A player successfully scrambled someone else's word will capture the newly formed word to be his or her possession. One can scramble one's own formed word to increase points or to make it more difficult to be scrambled by others. This game continues till all cards have been opened and all possible scramblings.have been explored. (No more than 120 Seconds for final scrambling is recommended)   

The scores are tallied by each player on all the words each captured or formed still in possesion. Be sure all multipliers are used including the wild card multipliers. Note 1: The wild card can be used as any alphabet, however, it may or may not be changeable during a scrambling which must be pre-agreed by all the players. (Changeable wild card makes the game more dynamic) The one who scores the highest wins the round. Then a new round can begin again. Note 2: If two or more players simultaneously claim 'Scrammble' or  a new word (It happens a lot when a game is heated up), the one scrambles and scores the highest points in the scrambled word wins the word. (For kids' game, the recommended rule may be: the scrambler who sits closest clockwise to the one who just flipped open the last alphabet captures his or her scrambled word.)   

As you can see, the playing rules are simple but the game is extremely exciting.

(2) Braino played as Scrammble Poker

The Scrammble cards can be played like a Poker game. 5-card or 7-card Scrammble Poker means trying to draw and form 5 letter or 7 letter word. The cards can be dealt one at a time or dealt all at once. Winning is the hand having the highest word score (summed up all points with multipliers applied to the declared word, if 5 letter or 7 letter word was not possible, one can declare shorter word). Winning hand can be challenged for misspelling or by scrambling into a higher score word. Challenged hand must yield the hand to the successful challenger who becomes the winner when there is no more challenger. (No more than 120 seconds for final challenge is recommended). Only the winner's score of each hand is recorded on the score sheet under the winner's name. The final winner is the one who has the highest cumulated score. 

All the excitement of Poker games can be included in the Scrammble Poker game as long as the playing rules are agreed by all players. In the same spirit, more than 7-card Poker can be played similarly in the Scrammble Majong described below. (Gambling using Braino is recommended for mature age only)

(3) Braino Played as Scramble Majong

The Scrammble cards can be played like an oriental Majong game. A 13-card or 16-card Scrammble majong means playing 14- or 17-letters to form words. There must be a Majong (a two letter word in analogy of the pair of Majong in the Majong game). Throw dice to determine starter of the game. Each draws 13 or 16 cards except the started draws one extra card. The players pre-agree a winning word pattern to be played (one can draw randomly from a deck of pattern cards or throw two dice to determine the pattern to be played for each game). For example, (3,4,5,2), (6,6,2), (4,4,4,2), (3,9,2), (7,5,2), (12,2)... are word patterns for 14-card Scrammble Majong. Obviously, 11 can not be in a pattern for 14-card Scrammble Majong; if one throws a pair of dice getting 11, he or she must throw again. If one throws 7 first then any second throw greater than 5 will have to be rethrown. For the 17-card Scrammble Majong, there are more patterns one can play, for example, (3,3,4,5,2), (7,8,2), (4,5,6,2), (6,9,2), (12,3,2)...etc, etc. It is obvious longer words are harder to make hence can render a game with no winner. (no winning after all 136 cards are used up). Depending on the players' vocabulary skills, the group may eliminate some of the harder patterns and choose to play with less challenging pattern such as (5,7,2) for 14-card or (4,5,6,2) for 17-card Scrammble Majong.

Each player takes turn to draw a card and discard an unwanted card until the player can declare winning ("Hu" is the word in Majong). If two or more players declare winning at the same time by taking up the very last discarded card, the one follows in playing sequence from the discarder wins. The previously discarded cards other than the very last one can not be picked up to form a word or to claim winning. When more than one player desires to have the last discarded letter, the one closes in line to draw card has the priority to have it.  When a player picks up a discarded letter to form a word the player desires to have, the player must lay down open that word on the table to show other players. If several words are laid down, of course, it will give warning to others that a winning ("Hu") may be in the making. The displayed words can not be changed or taken back to rearrange into other words.

All the excitement of Majong games can be included in the Scrammble Majong game as long as the playing rules are agreed by all players. The Scarammble Majong game can be made simple and fun by picking easier patterns to play or can be made more challenging and exciting by picking more difficult patterns to play (for example, (2,3,9) is considerably more difficult to play than (2,3,4,5)). One variation of the Scrammble Majong can add a little luck in the game by each drawing a separate (different) word pattern to play. The one who draws an easy pattern will have a better chance to win.

Example of Game and Illustration

Click here to see an illustration

Order Information           

The Braino game is custom designed. An example of how the game is played is shown below. Please place your order as early as possible before the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush. Send email to for any questions or interpretations of the games. All orders must be made by checks. The delivery will be made after the check is cleared. Discounts are available for volume order. Special image for the back of the cards  may be ordered by providing a printable artwork along with the order. A artwork handling fee $200 will be added to the order of a minimum of 100 sets. The present product (English version) consists of 136 playing cards contained in a plastic box, a pair of dice and a set of rule cards (including playing patterns for Scrammble Majong). The price is $15 per set including domestic shipping and handling (10% or $1.5 is reserved to cover taxes if applicable or donated to Public TV Channel 13 if taxes are not applicable). To avoid out of stock, please place your order early.  

Please contact for volume discount, wholesale, custom logo brand or  special versions for large group playing in which the alphabet tiles may be magnetic so they can be placed on a magnetic board standing up. For license, please send request to 

Order your set before the year end rush selling season to avoid 'All Sold Out'. Simply send your order in with a check to

TLC Information Services

PO Box 944

Yorktown Heights, N. Y. 10598  

A Perfect Game for Family, Children, Parents and Grand Parents

A Fun Game for School, Vocabulary Learning and Spelling Skills 

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