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Other Non-Magic Directories

Our Magic Directory  can incorporate the ClickCall function rendering any directory, be it a private or public one, a world-wide accessible toll free business directory over the Internet. Any business can be listed in any of our public Magic Directories or create their own private Magic Directory on their web sites or on their Magic Information Cards to provide the convenience and productivity value to their customers and to the business community they would like to serve.

There are the traditional non-magic directories which are the old fashion paper directories such as phone books and yellow pages. 'Let the finger do the walking' (just to look up a number) obviously can not compare with 'Let the mouse do the calling' in the magic Directory solution. 

There are also other non-magic directories being put online for people to use. Typically they require people to use a search engine to find the phone number by inputting one or more parameters. The parameters are typically: the category which the business is listed under, the name of the business, the city and the state the business is in. Naturally, this type of service is out of date for the Internet world. First of all, one may not know the exact category to select. Secondly, one may not know the name of the business one is looking for. Thirdly, in a global economy today, many businesses operate in many cities and states or they may be practically virtual companies with no physical store fronts. However, they could have a sophisticated phone system which can follow them around as many phone companies now providing. Therefore, these non-magic directories have very limited use. (Refer to comparisons between MagicDirectory and others

Some online directories do try to provide some value by offering a call back system. The user after looking up a company in the directory is offered a online form to fill out the user's phone number; then the user would wait for the company to process that form and get someone to call the user back. Naturally, this can not be an instantaneous response. You also need to have a separate phone line reserved for this call back. Sometimes, a user can wait for long time and not getting a call back. Most troublesome to users is that, most users would not be happy to give their phone numbers out to just any unknown business or any unknown individual due to concerns of privacy invasion and abusive telemarketers. Frankly, even businesses themselves do not wish to give their phone numbers out (Have you noticed that big companies especially telephone companies do not give out many phone numbers on their Internet web sites?) This is the very reason, the Magic Directory would offer a feature to permit the business to list its name and not the phone number. Our Calling Software will make the correct call for the user without having the number explicitly displayed. This not only avoids possible abuse of any phone number by telemarketers or crank callers, but also offers the convenience to businesses for dynamically changing the receiving number on a real-time basis.

As stated in our comparison study, some of the traditional directories or non-magic directories may have one advantage, that is they may have a large phone database in their holding. Sometimes they guard them tightly (This is a possible reason why online phone directory uses a clumsy search mode rather than simply publishes the directory like a phone book). However, we believe with the superior features of Magic Directory, businesses and users will in no time sign up and build truly friendly global business directories. Magic Directory can not be copied when listings are not explicit phone numbers and Magic Directory need not be copied since it is easily accessed everywhere online or off-line via a Magic Information Card. So Sign up and grow with us

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