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Business for Downtown Business Seminar Series (Event II)

September 6th, 2002, New York -- The second event of Business for Downtown Business seminar series was successfully held on 9/6th AM at the Sprint ATC in Downtown New York. The meeting went very well way beyond its scheduled time with great audience enthusiasm.

Thanks to the excellent speakers and eager audience, the sessions were very interactive and extremely informative. Session Chairman Don Winter, President of Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, introduced the role of MCC in New York and gave an opening remark about the Downtown Business Calling Card project initiated by a few downtown businesses and its significance as a mechanism to help downtown collectively. He then presented a brief account of the impact to business 9-11 has caused and how downtown businesses can and must collectively help each other to recovery - leading to the talks to follow.

Ron Kovas, President of I-Traffic, Agency.COM, a veteran Advertising guru and richly experienced Internet interactive marketing expert gave an excellent presentations on interactive marketing. he specially tailored
the talk to the needs of small businesses hence generated many dialogues among audiences seeking advices and guidance. Although Ron claimed that his presentation is an Interactive marketing 101 but it touched upon so many practical issues that are so beneficial to businesses who intend to explore Internet interactive marketing.

Dr. Ifay Chang, President of IPO2U.COM, the project coordinator of the Downtown Business Calling Call Project, reviewed the objectives of the project and how it naturally evolved into a 9-11 Memorial interactive CD with its main purpose of promoting downtown business. He acknowledged many content contributors in songs, photos, etc. and introduced Graphicmachine.com, graphic design and Digital Destinations, photography. There is no way to separate out 9-11 from Downtown businesses as everyone is impacted by
the tragic event and everyone has to deal with its aftermath. Dr. Chang stressed the fact that many of the 9-11 related projects including 9-11DBCC are not exploiting the 9-11 but with a genuine purpose and expression of love, care and help. Dr. Chang then demonstrated the calling card feature which can call the 2000 downtown businesses listed in the DBCC directories by a simple click of the mouse. The DBCC CD creates a downtown business community and offers convenience to their clients and customers world wide to do business with New York.

The 9-11 Memorial Panel was led by Ms Valerie Ghent, CEO of WestStreet records, a song writer and musician, who wrote the song We'll Carry On. Joined with her, Ms Rhonda Roland Shearer, Director and cofounder of Arts and science lab, James Becker, COO of Computer Adept, LLC, Alfred Werner, President of Thunderstick and Bill Keegan, PAPD Recovery and Rescue Night Command. The panelists all had been involved with the 9-11 rescue and recovery effort. They through Valerie's excellent introduction have given
a detailed first hand account of how the activities were conducted and experienced, not without difficulties and differences but united with all involved nevertheless. Rhonda as the Director of WTC Ground Zero Relief
Project, calls for finding the truth and details among the massive press coverage. She personally is constructing an archive web site for 9-11. James and Alfred are constructing and hosting a Coalition web site for all 9-11 victims and families related organizations. The purpose is to produce a self-sustainable web site with e-commerce that can benefit the constituents member organizations. As commented by Bill, The enthusiasm and dedications of the people involved will sure make the project successful. Bill expressed appreciation to all who came forward and helped the victims and rescuers alike. many untold touching stories could be seen through his eyes.

The audience was warm and enthusiastic engaging in discussions. Donna DeFalco brought her 10 foot quilt in memorial of the victims for display. Many small businesses and personnel from SBA were in attendance. Dr. Chang concluded the event by urging organizations and/or individuals to adopt the BDB seminar series if perceived needed, perhaps through joining forces with other similar events. Future events will be sent through email list.

The 9-11DBCC CD can be viewed at www.mi-card.com/9-11BDCC and ordered
through email or Internet.

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