X. Front Cover
1. Objectives of 9-11 DBCC and Roster of Sponsors and Supporters
2. History of Downtown and Interesting Places - Plus A Virtual Tour
Getting Around Downtown (Lower Manhattan)
DBCC-Directory I - Shopping and Dining
DBCC-Directory II - Financial and Professional Services and Technology Businesses
9-11 Memorial Websites - Poems, Songs, Photos, Videos and Stories
Utility Tools - Area Code and International Call Tables and World Wide Toll Free Directory

8. Acknowledgement of Contributors 

9. Contact Us and Order Information
  Project Information:
  Invitation to Participate in Business Promotion
Interactive CD Commemorating 9-11 and Promoting Downtown Businesses - Flyer and Order Form  
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For Immediate Release

Downtown Business Calling Card (CD) In Memory of 9-11

August 23, 2002, New York, NY - A group of businesses in downtown New York sponsored by NYC Economic Development Corporation and Manhattan Chamber of Commerce has undertaken a project to produce an interactive CD to commemorate 9-11 and to promote downtown businesses. A seminar series entitled Business for Downtown Business has also been organized with its first two to be held on August 29th and September 6th respectively at the Sprint Advanced Technology Center at 76 9th Ave. The main objectives of these events are to demonstrate that America came out stronger after 9-11 and that downtown businesses can be promoted more effectively in a collective way. 

The memorial CD containing information and edutaining materials as well as a number of business directories, which can be called by a click of a mouse, can be previewed at www.mi-card.com/9-11dbcc and the seminar details including topics, speakers bio and reservation procedures are published on the web site. The seminars are free, however, reservation and photo ID requirement will be strictly enforced. 

The CD will be published in September with a fixed quantity. Corporation and businesses are encouraged to purchase them and to distribute to their employees, clients and customers to help promote downtown businesses. Among many utility tools and beautiful panoramic photos and movies, there is also included a discount coupon book for doing business with Downtown businesses.

IPO2U.COM, Inc. is responsible for the production of the CD and coordination of the seminars. For any inquiry, reservation and CD order please send email to info@IPO2U.COM or contact the following office.

For further information please contact: 
Public Relations Office
IPO2U.COM, Inc. PO Box, 944, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
or call Teresa Chang at 914-248-6770 
or call Manhattan Chamber of Commerce at 212-831-4206


    Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Sponsors DBCC Project and Seminars

    Call us by CodecPhone. Send email to info@ipo2u.com to reserve for seminar and order 9-11DBCC CD
    Check out the DBCC I and DBCC II Directories. Is the Company of your interest listed? Call to do business. 

    Organizer: Downtown Businesses 

    Publisher: IPO2U.COM,Inc with Mi-Card Technology 

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    Photographer: DigitalDestinations.com


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