X. Front Cover
1. Objectives of 9-11 DBCC and Roster of Sponsors and Supporters
2. History of Downtown and Interesting Places - Plus A Virtual Tour
Getting Around Downtown (Lower Manhattan)
DBCC-Directory I - Shopping and Dining
DBCC-Directory II - Financial and Professional Services and Technology Businesses
9-11 Memorial Websites - Poems, Songs, Photos, Videos and Stories
Utility Tools - Area Code and International Call Tables and World Wide Toll Free Directory

8. Acknowledgement of Contributors 

9. Contact Us and Order Information
  Project Information:
  Invitation to Participate in Business Promotion
Interactive CD Commemorating 9-11 and Promoting Downtown Businesses - Flyer and Order Form  
On-Line Order Form

Message to Corporations, Downtown Businesses and Adopters

Downtown Business Calling Card (DBCC) is an interactive CD designed to promote downtown businesses collectively as a community. The two major DBCC directories, DBCC I and DBCC II are callable phone directories in which any phone number or company listed can be called by anyone from anywhere in the world over the Internet. One can easily appreciate the productivity value of these directories for reaching out clients and customers and binding them into the downtown business community.

This interactive CD devoted a portion of its content to 9-11 memorial materials and special web sites, including, essays, poems, songs, photos and videos. Downtown businesses can never forget 9-11. These memorial content will motivate downtown businesses to strive for recovery and success.

The 9-11DBCC interactive CD also contains rich information and utility tools for doing business in downtown and getting around in Lower Manhattan. These contents and the DBCC directories will make the interactive calling card a very persistent and valuable business tool -- Don't Do Business Without IT!   

Message for Corporations: These interactive CD are available to corporations at production cost. Corporation can purchase them in bulk quantity and distribute to their clients, customers and employees. Send them out with tradeshows, Christmas mailings or used it as a calling card. Place your order before 9-11 will ensure your corporation's name and phone number to be listed in a callable directory in the CD. A special greetings heading on the front page may be linked to a special message composed by your company and/or simply linked to your company web site. 

Message to Downtown Businesses: The two DBCC directories contain over 2000 business addresses and phone numbers. Make sure yours is in there and the information is accurate. Simply go to the 9-11DBCC website to fill out a form to request or update your listing.

Message to Adopters or Would-Be Adopters: One of the most significant way of supporting your adoptee is to to purchase the 9-11DBCC on behalf of your adoptee. Give the CD to the adoptee as a marketing and promotional material to be distributed to their customers. The customers will appreciate the value of this CD and will do business with your adoptee and downtown as a community.  

For placing order, send email to info@ipo2u.com  or visit 9-11DBCC web site order form. 

For further information you may contact: 
Public Relations Office 
IPO2U.COM, Inc. PO Box, 944, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 
or call 914-248-6770 
or call Manhattan Chamber of Commerce at 212-831-4206 
or call Adopt-A-Company at 212-312-3582


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