X. Front Cover
1. Objectives of 9-11 DBCC and Roster of Sponsors and Supporters
2. History of Downtown and Interesting Places - Plus A Virtual Tour
Getting Around Downtown (Lower Manhattan)
DBCC-Directory I - Shopping and Dining
DBCC-Directory II - Financial and Professional Services and Technology Businesses
9-11 Memorial Websites - Poems, Songs, Photos, Videos and Stories
Utility Tools - Area Code and International Call Tables and World Wide Toll Free Directory

8. Acknowledgement of Contributors 

9. Contact and Order Information
  Project Information:
  Invitation to Participate in Business Promotion
Interactive CD Commemorating 9-11 and Promoting Downtown Businesses - Flyer and Order Form  
On-Line Order Form

As implied by its name, 9-11 Downtown Business Calling Card, this CD commemorates 9-11 and serves as a calling card to invite you to do business with Downtown New York.

This Interactive CD is designed in a book style, organized in nine chapters as shown in the table of content above. The above header will appear on every page and will serve as your main navigation menu. You can navigate through these nine chapters by clicking in and out of each chapter. If an extra window were opened without the above header as you clicked a link, you could simply leave the window open and continue your browsing through the table of content. You can choose to close the extra window at anytime without losing your main window.

The CD is designed to work with most browsers. However, you may find some differences when different browsers are used. Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.7 and above will produce good results.  

The calling software is resident on this CD, you MUST install it before you click any phone number to make a call!
Click here to Install!

Most information content are resident on this CD except a few items which have to be retrieved from the web. Therefore, you can browse this CD like a book with ease and comfort. Naturally, all hyperlinks to web sites contained in this CD can only be accessed when your PC is connected to the Internet. The real-time interactive calling directories, of course, can only be called when the PC is on-line. Therefore, if you did intend to contact downtown businesses or would like to drill down to their web sites, you should use this CD while on-line. You will find that this CD offers tremendous amount of information and edutainment.

Enjoy the CD and Do Business with the Downtown Business Calling Card Directories!


    Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Sponsors DBCC Project and Seminars

    Call us by CodecPhone. Send email to info@ipo2u.com to order a copy for yourself, your employee or customers.
    Check out the DBCC I and DBCC II Directories. Is the Company of your interest listed? Call to do business!

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