Where Is the NYMTC Region?

The NYMTC region comprises of New York City, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley, encompassing an area of 2,440 square miles and a population of 12 million, approximately 65% of New York Stateís population.

The region has one of the most extensive transportation networks in the world with 477 route miles of commuter rail, 225 route miles of rail rapid transit, 22,870 centerline miles of roads, streets, highways that carry numerous bus routes as well as several commercial airports and maritime facilities for both passengers and freight.

This network has given the region a distinct competitive edge as a major national and international commercial center. On an average weekday, the regionís transportation network carries 550,000 people on commuter rail, 3.1 million on buses, 4.6 million on rail rapid transit, 128,500 on ferries, 150,000 on airlines, and millions more on the regionís roads. In addition, 826,000 people move between New York, New Jersey and Connecticut by rail and bus, and thousands more via roads, bridges and tunnels.

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