How Do I Get Involved?

Involved communities are essential to successful transportation planning—and the more people involved the better the final result. Here are a few steps to joining the transportation planning process in the region—we look forward to your participation:

Subscribe to NYMTC Notes, an electronic newsletter filled with news of planning activities, including information and contacts for studies, events, new reports and a calendar of upcoming meetings.

Join our mailing list to receive regular updates, information and notices of activities.

Attend a Metropolitan Planning Forum, Workshop or Conference, where the public and NYMTC staff discuss regional transportation topics, assuring that all voices are heard.

Try a Community Visioning Workshop, where we work together with citizens, businesses and stakeholders on developing a shared local and regional vision for transportation.

Join a NYMTC Advisory Working Group. These groups strengthen the collaboration with the public on specific related issues such as freight transportation, pedestrian and bicycle safety, and demand management.

Visit where you will find a resource on nearly every aspect of the regional transportation planning process, including major studies in your community, with links to local web sites, calendars of meetings and study contacts. The site includes maps, charts and data online in an easy-to-navigate format, as well as a collective library of data on transportation issues.

Request a NYMTC Roadshow at your local organization, on a transportation topic pertinent to your group.

Join the Regional Planning Corps, a newly forming organization of community groups and volunteers working in collaboration with NYMTC to get their communities interested and involved in transportation planning activities.

Visit the NYMTC Library at NYMTC’s new Manhattan headquarters, where you’ll find studies, diagrams, data, models and more, along with convenient public work areas for review and study.

At NYMTC, we try hard to hear every voice and consider every idea.