Planning for the Future

Updated every three years, the Regional Transportation Plan (The Plan) is required as a prerequisite for federal funding of transportation projects. The Plan identifies the regionís transportation needs and objectives, along with an analysis of regional trends and planned projects for a minimum of 20 years. The current Plan was adopted by NYMTC in 1994 and is undergoing its second update. In addition, because the region does not attain National Air Quality Standards under the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, NYMTC must regularly demonstrate that its Plan conforms to the New York State Implementation Plan for Air Quality (SIP).

Research, Forecasts and Needs Assessment

Surveys, studies and continually updated databases are essential to assessing current and future travel demand in order to plan for the future and assess the effectiveness of proposals such as improving a highway segment or expanding transit services. NYMTC is responsible for the regionís data and reports of interest to planning professionals, the public and the media. These public documents are available for use by the planning community and others throughout the region.

NYMTC Reports

The list of reports may be viewed offline and/or online with updates when they are published.