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The Council's Three Major Products

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) - Provides a platform for long-range collaborative planning and decision-making throughout the region. It incorporates current planning projects and addresses future considerations and opportunities. The RTP can inform individual agencies to return the public's investment in mobility, safety, environmental health, economic vitality, traveler satisfaction and quality of life. The RTP defines the region's transportation needs and goals over a period of no fewer than 20 years. The current RTP was adopted by NYMTC in 1994 and is being updated to extend to 2025.
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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) - Prioritizes transportation improvement projects in the region for five-year periods. It is fiscally constrained with reasonable estimates of project costs balanced against anticipated funding. The U.S. Department of Transportation will not approve use of federal funds for an improvement project unless the project is identified in the TIP. The TIP is an expression of NYMTC's intent to address the goals, objectives and vision of the Regional Transportation Plan as well as national planning factors. NYMTC's adoption of the TIP assures Federal regulators that NYMTC's members have agreed on priorities for the region.
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Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) - Incorporates federal regulations along with the NYMTC mission, resulting in Work Programs which discuss planning priorities and describe all transportation and related air quality planning activities within the current one-to-two year period. This approach is designed to advance a more strategic, integrated planning program for NYMTC and its member agencies to develop and maximize the region's transportation resources.
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