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Public Involvement in the
Transportation Planning Process

Public Involvement is the cornerstone of the process that results in products such as the RTP, TIP and UPWP. NYMTCís planning process is designed to provide many opportunities for public participation in order todevelop products that reflect the publicís values and needs. Local participation is encouraged through the TCC's, public meetings held by the member agencies,planning workshops that are sponsored by local community groups, and public workshops held by the NYMTC staff on local transportation studies.

The Councilís Web site, NYMTC.org, provides a mechanism for public interaction with the organization. The site invites communication from the public through easy access to contact names, improved email links, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, as well as a message center where visitors may submit comments on a wide range of topics and order copies of publications.

A calendar of events invites the public to attend NYMTC meetings, forums and workshops where they may offer opinions during project research and planning stages.

Visitors to the Web site can subscribe to NYMTC Notes, the organizationís free, electronic newsletter filled with the latest news and announcements from NYMTC.It is delivered to their inbox every other Wednesday. Subscriptions are also available by phone, by contacting Norma Hessic at 718.472.3291.