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Other NYMTC Products:

Annual Report
a report of the past year activities

Best Practice Models
New transportation models that meet the federal requirements for long-range planning including conformity (air quality), sub-regional and corridor-level analyses.Covering a study area comprised of 28 counties in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the NYMTC Best Practice Model (NYBPM) incorporates household survey data, land-use inventories, socioeconomic data, traffic and transit counts, and travel times.

Tabulations of 1980 and 1990 Journey-to-Work by Transportation Mode at the County Level For the Tri-State Region.

Council Contact
A quarterly progress report on NYMTCís activities.

County Profiles
A comprehensive collection of demographic statistics about the counties that form the NYMTC region.

Technical Reports and Summary Tables containing Demographic and Socioeconomic Forecasts for the 31-County Region.
Reports provide historical data, description of models, and analysis of forecasts. The 2020 forecastswere produced in 1995, and the 2025 forecasts in 2000.

Freight Technology Report
A report which examines current trends in various modes of freight transportation, and comments on the use of modern technology in the freight transportation industry locally, nationally, and internationally.

An electronic newsletter published every other Wednesday, reporting Council news with updates on research projects, current planning activities and calendar announcements.

An annual report that presents a detailed analysis of travel to and from the Manhattan Central Business District (CBD) both by persons and vehicles.
This area, referred as either the CBD or the Hub in this report, is defined as that portion of Manhattan lying south of 60th Street.

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
NYMTC Staff works to coordinate ITS projects in the region, to develop ITS Integration Strategy for the region, to develop regional ITS planning database, and to coordinate ITS training needs.

Major Investment Studies
Studies required to support decisions on significant transportation investments where federal funds are potentially involved.

Metropolitan Mobility Network
A tri-state consortium of agencies and organizations involved in transportation demand management programs.

PFAC Meeting Synopsis
A summary of the activities of the last bi-monthly PFAC meeting.

Regional Transportation Statistics
A comprehensive report detailing socio-economic and transportation statistics for each county in the NYMTC region.

Regional Travel Survey
A survey of 11,000 households, randomly selected within the region. Information was requested about trips to work, shopping, school, recreation, and other activities. It includes trip start and end times, the starting and ending points, the mode used, who they traveled with, and how much the trip costs.

Addresses transportation safety issues, and includes transportation accident statistics for the 12-county downstate metropolitan area.

Special Studies
NYMTC also conducts transportation studies throughout the region. Some select studies that are currently underway include the Canal Area Transportation Study, the Southern Brooklyn Transportation Improvement Study and three pilot sustainable development studies in Rockland, Westchester and Suffolk counties.

Transportation Enhancements Program
A review process that provides federal funding to encourage the construction of transportation projects designed to improve communities. Proposals approved for funding generally integrate the needs of communities into infrastructure projects that add value to the transportation system.

Travel Patterns in the NY Metropolitan Area
An indication of the major changes in mass transit ridership and vehicular traffic on the river crossings in the New York Metropolitan area, following the events of September 11, 2001.

Truck Toll Volumes
An analysis of truck trips based on toll crossings data, emphasizing the importance of freight transportation in the regionís overall economic development.


NYMTC Central Staff members can be reached at:

45-46 21st Street
Long Island City, NY 11101