Mi-Card Library for Mi-Card Creator

Mi-Card Library Content

IPO2U offers a set of utility programs and/or files for Mi-Card Creator to use. A user can simply select the item file name and copy it into the Mi-Card directory the user is creating. The library content is dynamically updated and maintained on the Mi-Card Web Site. The following is a default list of library content. The user should always visit the Mi-Card website for getting the latest updates to the Mi-Card Library content. 

Default List  of Mi-Card Library 

The items available for immediate inclusion in a Mi-Card are shown below:

Procedures for Using Mi-Card Library

Creating your Mi-Card is simple with the help of Mi-Card Library. The simple procedure is as follows:

  1. Pick the items you would like to include in your Mi-Card.
  2. Browse or execute the item and get a first hand experience what the item looks like and how it plays out. If satisfied, include it in your Mi-Card directory.
  3. Verify the item file name is correct
  4. Create your final directory by using any editor (If you prefer to create a directory that can be viewed on-line in HTML format, you may use MicroSoft Front Page to create the directory.