Mi-Card Manager

Program Objective

IPO2U offers this software, Mi-Card Manager, to customers who would like to manage their Mi-Card creation for easy access, retrieve and archive. Mi-Card is the most cost-effective medium with interactive communication capability built-in for getting the appropriate personnel to support the maintenance and update of the content in the Mi-Cards. Mi-Card Manager is a simple-to-use file manager compatible with most file and/or text editors people are familiar with. The Mi-Card Manager is a web-based software program enabling the customers to create a simple file system to manage their Mi-Cards. The file system can be stored on a server system offered by IPO2U.com or on the Mi-Card web/data server or on the customer's own PC or server.

The program provides users all essential information and guides users step-by-step to make the Mi-Card management a simple and friendly task..

Program Functions

The Mi-Card Manager software contains the following functions:

  • Define and register the name of your Mi-Card Manager (user Login ID and Password)
  • Input all the Mi-Card names and directory file information to your Mi-Card Manager. 
  • Add, delete and edit the Mi-Card names and their directory files 
  • Save or export Mi-Card Manager Directory to your server or PC for safekeeping and maintenance. 
  • Interface with document or text editors for more extensive editing. 
  • Search for Mi-Card names and identify content of Mi-Card
  • Print Mi-Card Manager file and/or Mi-Card name directories 

Program Specifications

Mi-Card Manager is a web-based program which works on any PC with Windows Operating Systems (95,98, 2000, NT and XP) and popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer (4.0 and up) and Netscape (5.0 and up). The program is interactive with the support of the web server and/or data server operated by IPO2U.COM. Mi-Card Manager is designed to work with the Mi-Card Creator Server system and other compatible hardware platforms. The Mi-Card Creator server offered by IPO2U.COM is a PC running with Windows Operating systems (95, 98, 2000, NT and XP) equipped with Easy CD Creator (TM), a CD-RW ((Read and Write) optical drive and software driver. Any good quality CD-RW disc may be used for producing a copy of your Mi-Card Manager directory and files.

Roxio/Adaptec Easy CD Creator (TM) is provided as a reference. If you are using other hardware platform and optical CD drive, please consult IPO2U.COM for its compatibility with Mi-Card Manager.

Procedures for Managing Your Mi-Cards

Managing your Mi-Cards is simple with the help of Mi-Card Manager. The following are the procedures for managing your Mi-Cards: (Just execute each step and you will accomplish your goal):

  1. Use your user-id and password to login the Mi-Card Web Site and register a name for your Mi-Card Manager (and create a corresponding directory name on your hard drive, for example, you may name your Mi-Card Manager directory as mymicards) so you may manage all the Mi-Cards you created or received.
  2. Input Mi-Card names and corresponding directory files under your Mi-Card Manager The Mi-Card Manager directory, for example, mymicards, may contain your Mi-Card directories such as Superwidget, etc.
  3. Add other Mi-Card names that you received from on-line or off-line to your Mi-Card Manager directory, for example, mymicards. (Make sure you included all subdirectory and file names)
  4. Interface with document or text editor for editing, searching and printing Mi-Card name directory.  
  5. Place a recordable CD in the optical drive and execute the command of creating a Mi-Card Manager Mi-Card containing all your Mi-Cards file directories, for example, call it  mymicards.
  6. You may share and distribute your Mi-Card Manager directory with/to your colleagues. 
  7. Relax and enjoy peace since you have all the files under control in a simple Mi-Card..