X. Front Cover
1. Objectives of 9-11 DBCC and Roster of Sponsors and Supporters
2. History of Downtown and Interesting Places - Plus A Virtual Tour
3. Getting Around Downtown (Lower Manhattan)
DBCC-Directory I - Shopping and Dining
DBCC-Directory II - Financial and Professional Services and Technology Businesses
9-11 Memorial Websites - Poems, Songs, Photos, Videos and Stories
Utility Tools - Area Code and International Call Tables and World Wide Toll Free Directory
8. Acknowledgement of Contributors 

9. Contact Us and Order Information


A group of downtown businesses participated in one of the “Downtown Business Connections”networking meeting sponsored by Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and New York City Economic Development Corporation and came up with the idea of producing an interactive CD to commemorate 9-11 and to promote downtown businesses get on the road to recovery. They formed the project voluntarily. They started on July 24th with a brain storming session and mandated to complete the project in September, 2002.

Along with the project, they have also initiated a “Business for Downtown” seminar series to help lower Manhattan.

In the past three years, we have witnessed a tremendous change in the business climate. The momentum of the Internet had prompted the world over to invest for the future, to expand business infrastructure and to adopt the challenging new technologies. The expansion was as rapid and intense as the dot com meltdown. The economy was directly affected and was reeling from the losses.  Then came the 9-11 attack on America. An attack aimed at the world's financial center and the US defense headquarters. The impact on business was tremendous, not only downtown but through the ripple effect across our nation and overseas.

Now, it is a year since the 9-11 attack. The US economy has not been destroyed but is on its way towards recovery. The severely damaged Downtown New York has endured the tragedy and its impact and is awaiting redevelopment. Throughout the year since last September, there has been hardship and sorrow but there were also tremendous constructive reflections and suggestions. American voluntarism and the entrepreneur spirit, always a part of our American culture, flourished and shone brightly during the 9-11 recovery.

 This CD project, named “9-11 Downtown Business Calling Card” is an example of this American spirit. As you will see in this CD, designs, photography, stories, poems and songs are all put together or contributed by volunteers. They are beautifully done for your enjoyment.

The “9-11DBCC” is also a productive tool because it renders the downtown business directories contained in the CD all interactive. You can call any phone number over the Internet by a click of mouse and talk to the business owner. Of course, you can also click and view the business web site before you talk. This tool will be especially helpful to bring out of town and out of country businesses to Downtown.

After reviewing this CD, I must say, congratulations! This is a piece of very significant work.  

                                      Don Winter, President, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, 9-3-2002



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