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Ryan Chang's First Year Book 

My first birthday party is undoubtedly more special to mom and dad, my relatives and their friends than to me. In fact, I probably would prefer to have a nice quiet nap to all the kissing on my cheeks and all the excitement around me. But I am a sport, I have put up my best behavior to make my very First Birthday enjoyable and especially memorable -- for all of us!

With Grandpa's help, this Mi-Card sure will make my First Year Birthday memorable.

First Year Book - Every First Must be Treasured

Table of Content

Ryan's New Born Photo Album

Progression To One Year Old

Hundred Dollar Smile Contest And My Birthday Photos (Live Link)

Comments On Historians/Biographers & Plans For Ryan's Future

How To Contact Ryan, Parents, Grand Parents, Great Grand Parents, Uncles.....

Introduction And Information About Mi-Card

Tips For Planning A First Year Birthday Party

Ryan's New Born Photo Album

My Proud Parents Are Doing Something To Me

Ryan And His Proud Parents, Jeffay and Elaine

Baby Ryan Chang's Birth Announcement

Email: ryan01042002@hotmail.com
Tel: 212-831-9246

Baby Ryan

I am Ryan. I am the first baby ever having a hi-tech announcement card produced when I was born. My hi-tech name card is printed on a compact disc. It looks like a fancy name card but it is more than that; it is an everlasting memento for me and my family. And it is a 'true calling card'. Anyone who gets a copy of my first Mi-Card can see my new-born photo album and call my proud parents and grand parents from anywhere on the Internet using this true calling card. Grandpa says, it does not cost anyone a dime even calling from San Francisco, Honolulu, Singapore, Sidney, Moscow, Rome, Paris, London or New York. Don't know how to call from a PC on the Internet, don't worry, my grandpa will show you in a minute. He invented the Mi-Card.

My New-Born Photo Album

I was born on January 4th 4:40PM, 2002 at the New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. I weighed 6 pounds and 4 ounces. I came to this world a few days early according to my mom's doctor's schedule but I came a few days late according to Uncle Sam's schedule for tax deduction. I don't understand any of this yet, but I will have plenty of time growing up and learning about doctors and taxes.

Lots of people came to see me at the hospital and at my parents' apartment in New York. How I knew? I was passed from one arm to another whenever people came to see me and I saw the flashes. I did not like those flashes and that was why you would see my eyes closed in most of my pictures. Speaking about pictures, just click each caption below to see them. They are cute, aren't they? This was what I heard: he looks like his dad, he looks like his mom, his grandpa, his grandma, his uncle, his aunt............. Doesn't Ryan look like an astronaut with helmet on, an accountant with numbers ticking in his head, a banker guessing about interest rate change, a doctor, a fireman, a lawyer, a policeman, a politician, a rock star, or a teacher? What do you think?

First Week Photo


I was glad to be home
I was glad to get out of the hospital. I like a quiet room, clean bed 
and no baby crying disturbing me. I like to be in my home.

My Cousin has found a new toy

My cousin thinks I am a toy but my dad doesn't think so. He 
handles me very carefully, sometimes too carefully.

My Mom Is Feeding Me

My mom is feeding me and my baby sitter is guarding me. I have 
two baby sitters, one called Peanut in this photo and the other called Jelly.

I like my Aunt's soft shoulder

My Aunt holds me a lot. Her shoulder is warm and soft perfect 
for me to nap on. I can sleep hours on her shoulder if she lets me.

My First Baby Sitter Jelly

Jelly is my first baby sitter. She is black and fluffy. Peanut is my other 
baby sitter she has bushy gray fur. So far we are very gentle to each other.

A few days makes a big difference in baby sizes

I really could not imagine how did I fit in my mom's tummy a few days ago. 
I guess there is no going back after you are born, is there? I will just keep growing.

Photo session Is Very Tiring

One thing I learned early is that photo sessions are very tiring. Don't I look very 
tired here in this picture? I rather be a sleeping beauty than a waking hero.

We Have The Same Kind Of Eyes

Mom took this picture before I opened my eyes. My aunt and cousin 
wanted to know whether my eyes are like my father's or my mom's. 
Actually, they look like my mom's when I close my eyes and like 
my dad's when I open them.

There Is A Lot Of Things To Learn In This World

My aunt Julie loves me very much. She thinks I am sleeping so she 
falls in sleep so not to wake me, but I am just thinking what I am 
going to do when I grow up.

What Are They Doing To Me In The Kitchen?

Whoever took this picture must have thought I matched very well with the 
oranges and apples. Actually I was not too happy. What they are doing 
to me in the kitchen anyway?

Feel Like Calling and Hugging Me?

(Use My Personal Telephone Directory below)

Please click and call to make an appointment for hugging. You don't need to remember any of the phone numbers. Just Click and Call!

Ryan's Personal Telephone Directory

My Proud Parents, Mr. and Mrs.. Jeffay and Elaine Chang

My Pediatrician, Baby Ryan's Doctor

My Phone Number: Ryan Chang

Where To Get A Copy Of This Mi-Card - Ryan's Birth Announcement Card

Mi-Card is a Compact Disc (CD) cut to name card size (or other sizes). Mi-Card is portable and can fit in a wallet. It has 50MB capacity to store lots of high quality photos and the telephone directory, calling software and other interesting and useful things. Mi-Card is invented by Dr. Ifay Chang and produced by his company, 

36 Saw Mill River Road
Hawthorne, N.Y. 10532
Email: sales@ipo2u.com
Fax. 914-248-6429

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Progression To One Year Old

I was glad to be home

For me, the year went by pretty fast. I made tremendous progress in the food department. I not only can drink a lot of milk, I can swallow a few jars of baby food a day. I grew lots of muscle. I can drag my own weight and crawl within highway speed limit. I learned how to smile and I even won a hundred dollar smile contest. You can see my winning photos below. I love to go out especially to the beach and to the park for picnic. Other babies fall asleep, not me, I always have had a great time going out. I am so glad my mom arranges at least one outing a week so I can visit my friends. I love my outings. My parents took quite a few photos for evidence. I learned to appreciate people holding me. I seldom cry even with inexperienced baby holders. They can really make you uncomfortable sometimes. I learned to read. Yes, I am not kidding. My Dad reads to me a lot and I enjoy them very much. You can see my reading photos. I have not learned to make a speech yet but I can say Aa, Nn, Oo; well, if you don't understand me that is because you have forgotten your baby language. Baby language is really simple, just repeat the alphabets, Gg, Gg, Kk Kk. That means I am happy.

  My 2002 Photo Album

The photos collected here were mostly taken from Spring to Fall. My Winter pictures and the great pictures of my first year birthday party were not yet ready when my grandpa made this Mi-Card during yearend holidays. However, he made a couple of live links in here so you may eventually see my birthday party pictures when they are ready. Just Click the Ryan's Winter Photos and Birthday Party Pictures you will see some nice pictures perhaps with you in them. If you were not in them, never mind, my second year birthday is just around the corner.     

My mom is very proud of her breast feeding. Look at her smile. She is very pleased with my physique. She likes to show me off. Well, I can't complaint. I may just make the best out of it. I pose my self in a dignified way even though I am naked. 


Too bad there isn't a sleeping beauty contest, My mom just might enter this picture to compete. Sucking thumb is so natural to a baby, it adds to the beauty with a sense of peace, comfort and satisfaction.

My dad works very hard during the week. I can tell because he falls to sleep easily during weekends when he is supposed to play with me. I am just the opposite, I sleep a lot during week days and I am full of energy weekends. Weekends are my party time. 

I learned to play with my toys by myself. I like soft and smooth toys. This beach ball is one of my favorite toys. I like to play it on the bed where there is no sand. But I don't mind the sand at all, sand actually tastes pretty good.

I like to play with friends and share my toys. Mom always arrange playmates for me so I can develop social skills. 

Mom is showing off my physique again. As I said, I can't complain. I just have to make a decent pose so I won't feel embarrassed when I grow up. 

Finally, I got a picture taken in my own bed. I have a nice and comfortable bed. I like it a lot. You can see I was very happy in my crib. In fact it was one of my crib pictures that won me the Hundred Dollar Smile Contest.

Me and my Grandma, oh, My Grandma and I were in front of a bookcase. My grandma works for the American Book Association. I will never have shortage of books to read. In fact, I have already got myself into a reading habit with my dad's help.

What is going on? Is mom going to permanently put me over her neck as a decoration? I am too heavy for a necklace for sure and I am growing at a pretty fast rate.

This is grand aunt Trudy, a long time friend of our family. She came all the way from California to visit us. She has two grown-up daughters, Kimberly and Christine. She likes me a lot. She has strong hands and arms because she plays a lot of tennis.  

These are all friends of my mom. I don't know their names but I recognize them by their white teeth. Since I don't have much teeth to show. I will just beam at the camera.

We were on vacation and we visited my Cousin in Boston. I like vacation and I can travel very well. I can sleep anywhere in any bed or anything sort of like a bed. I am pretty comfortable in this sofa as you can tell.

My cousin, Katherine, was much bigger than I was in my other album. Here I am sitting next to her almost like a big boy now.

Yes, I can sleep anywhere like an inchworm. This sofa is quite comfortable. If I'd not be fussy about sleeping arrangement, my parents would take me to everywhere they went. Isn't that nice?! They did take me on vacation!

My ability to sleep anywhere comes from age and experience. I was sleeping comfortably in aunt Julie's arm since I was a tiny baby. It seems aunt Julie can sleep anywhere also? Perhaps it runs in the family.

Beach and Park are my favorite places. I don't mind the wind, the sand and the sea water. I just love it. During the summer, I went to the Playland Beach in Rye with my young uncles, the four musketeers. We had great fun. My dad also loves the beach. He gets tanned easily. 

Picnic at the Park is so romantic. Especially when I am the center of attraction.

We always take pictures in the park. I am probably too heavy for this aunt. I don't know how much experience she has with babies but she is holding me fine with two hands. This reminds me... 

My aunt, Heike, is really experienced with holding babies. See how at ease she is holding me in her hand. Of course, I was smaller then. 


These are nice photos taken when we were at the beach. Do I look like a beach bum? The swimming trunk looked big on me. Well, my little uncle looked the same way when he wore the same trunk.


As I said I had developed an early reading habit with my dad's help. I want to be a beach bum who can read. Can't you tell I was pretty intense in comprehending what the book was saying. 


I need vacation because growing takes a lot of energy. On vacation, my parents are relaxed and I am relaxed. You have seen my sleeping photos above but that is not all I do. When I am on vacation, I eat, swim, ride and observe.. 


I wish I could take pictures of mom and dad together at some of the beautiful spots. Oh, well that will have to be a few vacations later. 

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Hundred Dollar Smile Contest And My Birthday Photos

Working with these pictures, Grandpa Ifay can not help but notice the beauty of smiling faces, especially children's. To encourage children to smile more often, Grandpa Ifay ran an imaginary 'Hundred Dollar Smile Contest' for children. Ryan won the contest with his photo 'Smiling Face In The Crib'. The smiling faces of the winner and three runner-ups are shown below.   



Here are my Entries. I Won Because I Smiled and Winked at The Photographer at the Same Time! The Judges Are Pretty Sharp. See the Difference I Smiled in the Other Crib Photo!

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Ryan's First Year Birthday Party Photo

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Click Here To View Ryan's Photo Gallery Fast Gallery Preview on Mi-Card

Click Here To View Ryan's Birth Announcement Mi-Card

Comments on Historians/Biographers & Plans for Ryan's Future

Photo albums are invaluable. They capture the times and events otherwise may be gone forever. People say a picture is worth thousand words. Historians and Biographers often try very hard to find photographs to help them picture the biographees and to get a more realistic feel of the events happened to them. The magic information card (Mi-Card) has many applications for businesses. When it is used for documenting personal events, such as done here for Ryan Chang, it can preserve a vast amount of information for an indefinite long time. Hence the use of Mi-Card will benefit historians, biographers and archivists tremendously. Mi-Card also takes advantage of the Internet by providing unpublished (private) links to future events or information updates. Fore example, the above link to Ryan's First Year Birthday Photo Album will permit this archival Mi-Card to be updated to include future events as well as to past Mi-Cards. Mi-Card is also imbedded with a calling software to make it a calling card over the Internet. (See Ryan's Telephone Directory for details and make a call if you wish)

It is the Mi-Card creator's hope that all parents will use the Mi-Card technology to document their children's young lives. As some of them (this is very certain) will be encountering in their lives very significant events which historians and biographers will write about. They will be grateful to those parents who have documented their children's early lives with Mi-Card.

Naturally all parents and grand parents have inspirations for their children regardless of their family background, wealth, religion or race. All moms and dads want the best for their children, but no one can dictate the future except casting hope and providing motivation. Grandpa Ifay, in a sort of motivation session, has asked the four musketeers on what will they do with Ryan when he grows up and what they wish Ryan grown up to be. The four musketeers are children themselves (4-12). As his young uncles, they love Ryan very much. It is interesting to see what plans they have envisioned for Ryan in the stripes of icon cartoons they picked out for Ryan below.   

Ryan is too young to appreciate this Mi-Card and these photo albums as adults do today but he will appreciate them more as time passes by. They will reinforce everyone's memory and they will help Ryan to understand his family tree, to recognize his family friends and to appreciate the love everyone bestowed on him. Perhaps, Ryan will draw inspirations from all of these in leading his journey of life.

'We Wish For Ryan' From The Four Musketeers

Not surprisingly, all four musketeers envision Ryan to go to school, to study and to complete college as they will do. They will help him if he ever needed in his studies. Hence they have picked out the following icon cartoons to represent their vision. 


Regarding interactions with Ryan, there are some common activities they all envision to do with Ryan when he grows up but they rank their preferences differently. They have selected the cartoons to show what they will do with Ryan. It looks like Ryan is going to be pretty sporty since his uncles are anxious to play sports with him. 

Jesseon wants to do the following things with Ryan when he grows up: snow skiing, tennis, basketball, fishing, Lego, bowling, water gun fight, snowball fight, skating, roller-blading, football, swimming and board games in that order. He thinks Ryan should study medical science and be a doctor.


Jerren expects to do the following things with Ryan: Snowboarding, hiking, basketball, sledding, Lego, bowling, skating(hockey), water skiing, swimming, board games and roller-blading. He wishes Ryan will study law, social studies and science and be a lawyer. He has two reasons for his suggestion: (1) Ryan's parents both studied law. (2) Jerren himself wants to be a doctor and he wants Ryan to be his lawyer. 


Jemmin's to do list with Ryan goes beyond sports and games: skiing, snowboarding, fishing, eating, basket ball, Lego, snowman, bowling, taking a picture of Patrick's snow covered white car, board games, rollerblading, racing and ice skating. He thinks Ryan should study science and math and be a scientist or a doctor.


Jerray wants to play soft bowling ball and read books with Ryan, play choo choo train and stamping with him, teach him coloring dinosaur and playing tennis. He wants to learn skiing, baseball, football, bicycle riding and soccer with Ryan. He would like to travel and fly airplane with Ryan. He is not sure what Ryan should grow up to be, may be a pilot, a musician, a business man or a stock analyst (Jerray picked out the analytical chart below).


Ryan has not committed to any particular future plan yet. He loves picnic, , he loves travel,  .He loves animals,  , may be he will be a magician, or a pet doctor. See he can take care of Jelly.


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How To Contact Ryan, His Parents, Grand Parents, Great Grand Parents, Uncles.....

Ryan's Personal Telephone Directory

(Simply Click the Name and Call)

My Proud Parents, Mr. and Mrs.. Jeffay and Elaine Chang

My Pediatrician, Baby Ryan's Doctor

My Proud Family:
Grandpa Ifay  (who can help you to make the free call) and Teresa 
Grandpa Robert 
Grandma Ellie
Grandma Charmian
Aunt Julie
Uncle and Aunt Cheng
Uncle Jesseon
Uncle Jerren
Uncle Jemmin
Uncle Jerray

This is Ryan's Personal telephone directory. No telephone number is shown but you can just click and call the person by clicking the name. You can make the call from anywhere in the world as long as your computer is connected to the Internet. During travel, you simply carry the Mi-Card with you in your wallet or purse; just pop in any Internet connected PC you have access to. (For Example, Airport Lounge) The Mi-Card will self-display and give you instructions to upload the calling software to the PC. Then you can just click and call. This technology helped Ifay to reach home in Somers, New York while he was stranded in Taipei by 9-11-2001 attack and Taipei's biggest flood caused by typhoon. The international telephone circuits were all jammed. Fortunately, Ifay had the Mi-Card with him and he could use the Internet bypassing the long distance telephone networks and switches to reach New York. Please see the introduction and further details about the Mi-Card and its calling software, called Codecphone, below.  

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Introduction And Information About Mi-Card

What Is Mi-Card?

Mi-Card is an innovative business productivity tool. It integrates Internet technologies (e-mail, electronic form, short messaging, telephony and hypermedia links) and the low cost durable storage media (CD-ROM, CD-R, and/or DVD) into one rich magic information card, hence called Mi-Card. Mi-Card is developed by IPO2U.COM, Inc.

Why Is It Called Magic Information Card? 

Because of the many useful features contained in the Mi-Card, it is called magic information card. The following table lists its attractive features. These are features useful for businesses especially for e-commerce. The Mi-Card technology has many applications using one or a few features. Ryan's Birth Announcement Mi-Card and his First Year Birthday Mi-Card are application examples not specifically listed in the eight categories of business applications shown in the table below. They sort of branched out of the number four item, name card application. In Ryan's First Year Book Mi-Card, the calling card feature (number two item in the table) is included to make Ryan's Personal Telephone Directory a valuable tool. The calling software is called CodecPhone. A user manual of CodecPhone is included in this Mi-Card for those who are not familiar with how to setup or download the CodecPhone to your PC. (Click here for CodecPhone Manual) Some other features are included in the Birthday Planning Section. 

Mi-Card - Magic Information Card

@Attractive & cost effective marketing card

@World wide no cost calling card - Phone

@Sales, promo & transaction card - E.Business

@Professional (Bus.) name card - Tradeshow

@Catalog, Directory & Membership Card

@Document & web site archive card - Legal

@Message, utility & interactive greeting card

@Game, edusoftware & survey card - Callback

All of above features for business to use to reach out & maintain customer relations - long lasting

Visit www.mi-card.com email info@ipo2u.com


Exploiting Additional Features of Mi-Card

The basic purpose of Ryan's First Year Birthday Mi-Card is to create a photo album and a callable personal telephone directory to make the card a memento. However, with the Internet technology available to Mi-Card, we can easily exploit some of its features to make Ryan's card to have more practical value beyond being a memento. We have created the following section, under the topic, How To Plan A First Birthday, to make Ryan's card more useful to people who has received Ryan's Mi-Card. Just browse through the next section to appreciate its value. 

If you were interested in making a baby Mi-Card,   please make reservation early so that your precious photos can be captured and created into the Mi-Card in time. For those who take their own digital camera pictures, just contact IPO2U.COM and then send your digital photo files to the above email, Mi-Card can be produced and delivered in two weeks. Mi-Card, in wallet, name-card size has 50 MB capacity (750 MB in regular size), many large high quality photos can be easily included with a callable telephone directory. Mi-Card for business purposes, such as marketing, sales trade shows or personal name card use (including Ryan's baby Mi-Card) please click here to order. For a nominal fee, your baby Mi-Card may be hosted on line as Ryan's are. Contact Ifay & Mention Ryan's name gets you a discount for creating your very own Baby Mi-Card!

   Contact of IPO2U.COM, Inc Regarding Mi-Card

Any Questions? Call Us by CodecPhone by Clicking Here 

Click to Call IPO2U.COM

Contact IPO2U.COM about Mi-Card & i800 Directory

Mailing Address

3 Louis Drive
Katonah, NY 10536
Tel. 914-248-6770 
Fax. 914-248-6429
Email: info@ipo2u.com

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How To Plan A First Year Birthday Party


Baby birthday parties just like this baby Mi-Card are more significant to mom and dad than to the baby. Babies can not yet appreciate the meaning of a well planned birthday party, but they probably will appreciate when they grow up and be told about their baby birthday parties. So babies' birthday parties should be planned just as well if not better than any other age children's birthday party. Especially the First Year Birthday, the parents should start at least six month early to plan the party to make it a memorable one for all people attended and later to be told to the child so he or she will remember and appreciate it.

Tips For Planning A First Year Birthday Party

Let's first get to the principles before we get to the procedures. We list a few tips for your consideration. Obviously, there can never be a standard birthday party for everyone. Not even in the army. Every individual and every family have their special circumstances to consider: Is this your first baby? A boy or a girl? How big a family you have? How far your relatives live from your town? What is your financial situation? etc etc. However, there are some general principles which do apply to most families. We list them below:

Tip 1. Plan early, select the date and place early and let people know early - this will give your guests time to plan to attend (arranging sitters, transportation, buying gifts etc)

Tip2. Keep everything simple especially, food, decoration and games - your one year old does not appreciate your elaboration on these items.

  • Food: Simple and easy to serve and do not spend too much time in the kitchen. Use caterer if you can afford it. Save your time for your guest of honor.

  • Decoration: Do not clutter the party place with decorations. Use deco suitable for video and photo taking.

  • Games: Think safety first. Do not use balloons that will pop easily. Use helium balloon to get them out of reach by any child. Don't expect one year old to engage in more than one activity. Baby sometimes have more fun in ruining games than taking part in them.

Tip 3. Focus on Taking Video and Photos - capturing the precious moments about your baby and your guests.

Tip 4. Limit your invitation list to a comfortable level for your guest of honor - If your baby is experiencing stranger and separation anxiety, limit your number of guests to be 12 or less.

Tip. 5. Assign close relatives or friends tasks or duties during the party - saving your time for the guest of honor such as changing diaper.

Tip. 6. Party theme can be nice - read some books for ideas. Do remember

  • Babies have very short attention span, keep the party within two hours or you should put the baby to bed when the baby is tired.

  • The party is for you to enjoy and remember. You can tell to the baby when the baby grows up.

Tip. 7. Spend more time on your invitation than food and game - make your list and check it twice. Design your own invitation card if you can. Put the theme on the invitation card rather than on the food or game. Card Design:

  • Use Stamping, stickers, color papers and other simple means to design your card

  • Use clip art, graphics and photo images if you have a color printer (or you can cut them out of magazines)

  • Make the card to carry a visual message

  • Use quotes and/or poems (borrow some books from your local library and get ideas)

  • Remember to keep a copy of your design in your baby book

Tip. 8. Safety and comfort for the guest of honor and other guests - Pick games that are absolutely safe but can hold the attention of your young guests. make sure you have enough high chairs for the babies. (Check their high chairs quality if you have the party at a caterer's place)

Tip. 9. Food preparation and serving - Select healthy food and utensils carefully.

  • Use natural juice as sweetener if you expect your baby to bury his or her face in the cake. (sugar is bad)

  • You do not have to use the whole cake to produce the photo opportunity. (small piece can do wonders)

  • Never use metal utensils to serve food especially metal knives and forks

  • Check out the freebies food store offer to first year baby birthday but use them only you are sure they are healthy and safe.

Tip. 10. Party favors for your baby guests (and other toddlers) - Visit baby toy stores and browse. There are a lot to choose from color books, stickers to soft toys.

Tip.11. Gifts for your baby - babies do not complain about gifts so it is your job to get the right gifts to your baby. Visit stores and make a list and let your grand parents or close relatives know so they can choose to buy from the list. This is the time you can buy clothes for your baby and hear no complaint.

Tip. 12. Suggestions for alternative gifts - if it is appropriate in your social circles, you may suggest people not to buy toys for your baby since the baby is probably having more toys than needed; rather they can give alternative gifts such as US Savings Bonds (from $25 and up) or State College Savings Fund (some may have minimum contribution limit).

Procedures Of Planning A First Year Birthday Party

Based on the tips presented above, the procedures of planning a first year birthday party may be outlined in a time line as follows:

A. Starting six months before the birthday to decide whether to have a first year birthday party or not.

B. If the decision is yes, discuss between spouses about setting a budget aside for the party.

C. Use the first month to decide where and when to have the birthday party. If not held at home, visit and interview available part hosts and select the best one (with the above tips in mind).

D. During the second month, decide the party theme, invitation list, and invitation design; work on the design and  produce the cards.

E. During the third month, visit toy stores and gift shops to produce a gift list and decide on party favors.

F. Mail the invitations out in the first week of the fourth month. Give out your preferred gift list to a close relative. If you have alternative gift in mind, then do the research on the alternative such as the College Savings Fund and let people know before the end of the month.

G. During the fifth month, work on food menu, game selection and decoration. Book a photographer or prepare your own photo equipments, make sure the camera and video equipments work properly. Buy batteries and films ahead of time and test the equipments..

H. During the sixth month, check and confirm all RSVP names to ascertain the number of attendees and how many babies will be attending. Verify with party host all requirements are in order. If the party is at your own home, make sure all items on your list are available especially source of high chairs. Buy and prepare the birthday present. If you expect house guest from afar, you need to get the accommodation in order at least two weeks before the party.

You should save the final week for relaxation, that is, simply wait for the party date to arrive.

Useful Links For Baby Care

www.betterbabycare.org Promoting good care of infants. Helpful to working moms.

www.nccic.org National Child Care Information Center, a national resource for child care with frequently requested information list, selected resources list and publications.

www.mwsearch.com An intelligent medical search engine for helping you to understand and find information about complex medical concepts, disease terms and treatment methods. Membership is entitled with full privileges.

www.babyuniversity.com A web community for baby care. Lots of information and people interaction. Registered users gets more access.

www.nncc.org National Network For Child Care, and Infant Development by Prof. Paul Nuttall, Professor Emeritus, Human Development, Human Relations, University of Connecticut

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