Baby Ryan Chang Is Born

My Proud Parents Are Doing Something To Me

Ryan And His Proud Parents, Jeffay and Elaine

Baby Ryan Chang's Name Card - A True Calling Card

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Baby Ryan

I am Ryan. I am the first baby ever having a hi-tech name card produced when I was born. My hi-tech name card is printed on a compact disc. It looks like a fancy name card but it is more than that; it is an everlasting memento for me and my family. And it is a 'true calling card'. Anyone who gets a copy of my first Mi-Card can see my new-born photo album and call my proud parents and grand parents from anywhere on the Internet using this true calling card. By the way, it does not cost anyone a dime even calling from San Francisco, Honolulu, Singapore, Sidney, Moscow, Rome, Paris, London or New York. Don't know how to call from a PC on the Internet, don't worry, my grand father will show you in a minute. He invented the Mi-Card.


My New-Born Photo Album

I was born on January 4th 4:40PM, 2002 at the New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. I weighed 6 pounds and 4 ounces. I came to this world a few days early according to my mom's doctor's schedule but I came a few days late according to Uncle Sam for my first tax deduction. I don't understand any of this yet, but I will have plenty of time growing up and learning about doctors and taxes.

Lots of people came to see me at the hospital and at my parents' apartment in New York. How I knew? I was passed from one arm to another whenever people came to see me and I saw the flashes. I did not like those flashes and that was why you would see my eyes closed in most of my pictures. Speaking about pictures, just click each caption below to see them. They are cute, aren't they? This was what I heard: he looks like his dad, he looks like his Mom, his grandpa, his grandma, his uncle, his aunt............. Doesn't Ryan look like an astronaut with helmet on, an accountant with numbers ticking in his head, a banker guessing about interest rate change, a doctor, a fireman, a lawyer, a policeman, a politician, a rock star, or a teacher? What do you think?


First Week Photo


I was glad to be home
I was glad to get out of the hospital. I like a quiet room, clean bed 
and no baby crying disturbing me. I like to be in my home.

My Cousin has found a new toy

My cousin thinks I am a toy but my dad doesn't think so. He 
handles me very carefully, sometimes too careful.

My Mom Is Feeding Me

My mom is feeding me and my baby sitter is guarding me. I have 
two baby sitters, one called Peanut in this photo and the other called Jelly.

I like my Aunt's soft shoulder

My Aunt holds me a lot. Her shoulder is warm and soft perfect 
for me to nap on. I can sleep hours on her shoulder if she lets me.

My First Baby Sitter Jelly

Jelly is my first baby sitter. She is black and fluffy. Peanut is my other 
baby sitter she has bushy gray fur. So far we are very gentle to each other.

A few days makes a big difference in baby sizes

I really could not imagine how did I fit in my mom's tummy a few days ago. 
I guess there is no going back after you are born, is there? I will just keep growing.

Photo session Is Very Tiring

One thing I learned early is that photo sessions are very tiring. Don't I look very 
tired here in this picture? I rather be a sleeping beauty than a waking hero.

We Have The Same Kind Of Eyes

Mom took this picture before I opened my eyes. My aunt and cousin 
wanted to know whether my eyes are like my father's or my mom's. 
Actually, they look like my mom's when I close my eyes and like 
my dad's when I open them.

There Is A Lot Of Things To Learn In This World

My aunt Julie loves me very much. She thinks I am sleeping so she 
falls in sleep so to not wake me, but I am just thinking what I am 
going to do when I grow up.

What Are They Doing To Me In The Kitchen?

Whoever took this picture must have thought I matched very well with the 
oranges and apples. Actually I was not too happy. What they are doing 
to me in the kitchen anyway?


Feel Like Calling and Hugging Me?

(Use My Personal Telephone Directory)


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Ryan's Personal Telephone Directory

My Proud Parents, Mr. and Mrs.. Jeffay and Elaine Chang

My Pediatrician, Baby Ryan's Doctor

My Proud Family:
Grandpa Ifay  (who can help you to make the free call) and Teresa 
Grandpa Robert 
Grandma Ellie
Grandma Charmian
Aunt Julie
Uncle and Aunt Cheng
Uncle Jesseon
Uncle Jerren
Uncle Jemmin
Uncle Jerray

Get A Copy Of This Mi-Card - Ryan's Birth Announcement Card

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