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Whole Sale

GIFTED-CD and GIFTED Web Site offer wholesale of GIFTED Toys and Games to distributors, retail stores and Business volume purchasers. Fill out the following form for catalog request, wholesale price sheet, and any other inquiries concerning wholesale. Click Here for Wholesale Form. 

GIFTED Wholesaler Directory 
(Contact for personal contact information)

HL Industries
Koplow Games
Knuckle Strutz
Live oaks Games
Marble King
NY Game Factory
Pechnidi, Inc.
Rainbow products
Scrammble Games
Spinners Toys & Gifts
Spy Alley

Many more to be included

Retail and Consumer Purchase

GIFTED-CD and GIFTED Web Site offer retail sale of certain GIFTED Toys and Games. Retail price, discount and/or rebates are clearly stated with these products. Click the order button to make purchase. Please note that the online secure credit payment system is provided by IPO2U.COM and TLC Information Services on behalf of GIFTED Toys and Games presented by Magic Mart. 

GIFTED Merchant Directory

Block N Roll

Chuckle Games


Headutainment Games

Howling Monkeys


Karmel Games

Knuckle Strutz

Live Oaks Games


Six Sided Simulations

Toyman Joe


Vida Games

Many More to be included

Affiliate Program

GIFTED-CD and GIFTED Web Site offer affiliate program to toy and game manufacturers, retailers and independent inventors. As a GIFTED affiliate, the affiliate's web site is presented in the affiliate directory in the affiliate page. Affiliates will receive web visits of buyers and shoppers coming from GIFTED and Magic Mart. Write to to apply for GIFTED affiliate membership. 

What is GIFTED? - Good Inventions (Inventors) For Toys & Education, A collection of great games and toys organized in the Magic Information Card format for consumers and businesses to select. GIFTED Mi-Card presents values in games and toys to receivers and provides a persistent & effective marketing medium for talented inventors and entrepreneurs. (Refer to Mi-Card's power in Magic Marketing Solutions' private web site

How Are Products Selected? - Potential candidates discovered in game and toy conventions and tradeshows (for instance, the Am Intl Toy Fair, Western States Toy & Hobby Show and Chicago Toy Fair) and individual submissions and recommendations are evaluated based on innovation, safety, education, entertainment and cost values. Only Good Inventions are selected and included in the GIFTED Mi-Card. Organization such as (an organization helps independent game inventors to bring their good products to market) and experienced creators of toys and games help the selection. GIFTED Mi-Card is replicated and supported by a web server with future updates linked to the CD so that the CD will always have updated information.  Hence GIFTED-CD and GIFTED Web Site are treasure and value for toy and game buyers. They are the best and most effective marketing medium for introducing new toys and games as well as developing volume sales.

Where to Obtain a GIFTED Mi-Card? - The GIFTED Mi-Card (CD) is distributed to GIFTED members as well as to selected businesses and buyers at toy and game trade shows. A list of over one thousand toy and game businesses and retailers will receive the GIFTED-CD before this year's selling season. Write to for participation in GIFTED-CD and availability of GIFTED-CD. To join as a GIFTED member, please click the registration form below.

GIFTED Registration Form - Click here to view and fill out the GIFTED registration form. The form contains details on requirements, commitments and benefits for participating in GIFTED Mi-Card as a GIFTED member. Please read the details concerning the value and power of GIFTED-CD. 

GIFTED Member Communication - Members can communicate via email list and via GIFTED Web Site where information and news are posted. You can also use the contact info below to communicate with GIFTED.

Your Comments Are Welcome - please use the following contact to communicate your opinion and suggestions to GIFTED. Any comment about the GIFTED project is greatly appreciated. 

Photo Gallery of 2004 NY Toy Fair (The photo files are large, be patient to get them if you are not connected with a broadband, Gallery1 & Gallery2)

Photo Gallery of Western States Toys & Hobby Representatives Association 43rd Annual Show, ToyWest 1 & ToyWest 2.

GIFTED web site is grown out of Magic Mart (see Magic Mart CD and Magic Mart Web Site) and its Toy and Game Section. Magic Mart contains over 250 companies, businesses and merchants who offer online shopping and e-commerce transactions.


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