Pace University is where you stride to success! ( Whether you are pursuing a degree in liberal arts and sciences, business, information technology, education or nursing, at Pace you will find a caring faculty, professional preparation, and important relationships that will shape your future. The Pace University motto is Opportunitas which means that we will provide every possible opportunity for you to discover and fulfill your potential learning when, where and how you wish. At Pace you will find supportive and challenging programs to prepare you for a meaningful life and successful career, one that integrates proven academic theory with the real world knowledge and experiences to meet the challenges of the future.

Two campuses

With two distinct campuses , Pace University presents a different experience for everyone who attends. If you attend our New York City campus, you will be at the very center of one of the world's most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities; it's open at all hours, filled with diverse culture and art, populated by citizens of the world and alive with activity. Our Pleasantville, New York campus is in a small town in Westchester County, and situated on 200 beautiful acres in close proximity to excellent outdoor activities and a thriving suburban community.

Pace University is committed to making education affordable. Over 93% of all new students receive some kind of financial aid. Pace University's policy is to provide the maximum financial assistance available to qualified students, based on ability and need. The purpose of financial aid is to help you pursue and complete your studies and graduate. There are a wide range of scholarship and financial aid programs available to you.
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Visiting Pace

There is only one way to know which setting will suit you best, and that is to visit. Each campus has unique qualities and immense opportunities. Explore them for yourself. The University offers a variety of opportunities for personal interviews during the week and on weekends, and Open House programs offered throughout the year. Use this section to determine when to schedule interviews with admission counselors and when open houses are being planned.

Financial Aid
Most financial aid is renewable on a yearly basis, provided there is adequate funding and that you remain eligible (enrolled in a matriculated program, in good academic standing, and with continued need [for need-based aid]). To qualify, you should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15th. Students are encouraged to continue to file after this date; however, consideration for funds will be given on a first-come basis. Please call for information.

Scholarship at Pace
President's and Deans' Scholarship
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Endowed Scholarships
Athletic Scholarships
Student Employment
R.O.T.C Scholarships (New York Campus)
Employee Staff Scholarships
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Contact Pace
New York Campus Tel 212-346-1531
Westchester Campus Tel 914-422-4283

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