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Logic of shopping women's fashion online: The ideal scenario for buying clothes and dresses is  to have plenty of time, to visit many stores and to try every clothe and dress that may appeal to you then compare prices and wait for sale to have the thrill of buying something you like at a sale price. Of course, That is just a hypothetic scenario. In reality, you may not have that much time and you can't try everything on and worse of all is that you can never predict which item at which store will be on sale. Now Magic Shopping Card puts you in a more advantageous situation. The card has many stores. You can browse anytime at your leisure with no salesman's pressure. You certainly can compare prices easily. You also can search for sales with a click of a mouse button and check availability too. You can figure out each store's sales pattern if you use the Magic Shopping Card often enough. Well, you say you can't try things on. Who says? Order them and have them delivered to your doorstep. Try them on and ponder, keep what you like and return what you don't want. This is not an ideal scenario but the time and money you save and hassles you avoid probably make it the best scenario. Wouldn't you say?!   

Avenue.com women's sizes 14 and up

Swimwear for women at the Buckle.
Women's casual fashion at the Buckle

Just My Size
Great Buys on tops and sweaters

Freshpair.com Womken's Wonderbra 
Women's Pl>Y iBoxer - Exclusively online at Freshpair.com Women's Donna Karan Intimate Bras at Freshpair

Dresses at Macy's
Lauren by Ralph Lauren - Apparel  
JLO by Jennifer Lopez - JLO Plus Sizes 

Special Fashion Sale

Stylish Sleepwear at figleaves.com

Medical World Search
Prom Girl, formally simply dresses
Simply Dresses... for that special occasion

Shop at www.UllaPopken.com
Jackets  Blouses

Hair Utopia and Creative Collections Company 

Frederick's of Hollywood

Glamorize at Bare Necessities
Motherhood Boutique

Shop for plus-size apparel & accessories Here

delias.com : Outerwear
delias.com : Graphic Tees Swim sale! Save 15% off all swim at dELiA*s!

Shop Steve Madden!
for Shoes That Show

A.B.Lambdin.com for all your fashion needs and wants  

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Women's Footwear - Free Shipping
Fashion Accessories - Free Shipping

Coward Shoes - Free Shipping on all orders

Quality British clothing for children from Boden.  Quality British women's apparel from Boden

We've got your shoes at Eastbay.com!

Fashion Bug
What's Hot  in plus, misses & juniors

Lane Bryant
Shop for plus-size fashions at Lane Bryant

Goody's Family Clothing

Dresses at Alloy.com Shoes Skirts Undies


Tropical dresses at HiloHattie.com HiloHattie - the Store of Hawaii!

Save $5 Off Your Order  of $50 - Monterey Bay Clothing Company

Lew Magram, Runway Fashions at Runaway Prices - FREE Shipping on our ENTIRE Selection

Maternity Fashions

FREE Shipping on all Brownstone Studio item

Save 20% Online at Avenue.com

Shop the NEW Nononsense.com

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Interesting Quotes

Women should never feel guilty buying things for themselves, because they always buy a little something for their loved ones.
Let women buy! Men seldom enjoy shopping, because they get scolded most of the time after they bought things for women.
- MWSearch Observations 
"Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." "A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion." "Fashion is made to become unfashionable" - Coco Chanel 
"Just around the corner in every woman's mind - is a lovely dress, a wonderful suit, or entire costume which will make an enchanting new creature of her."   - Wilhela Cushman
"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new" - Albert Einstein; Magic OSMart interpreted this as Einstein's subtle Fashion statement. 
Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love - Albert Einstein  "But it is definitely responsible for a lovely dress falling off a Pretty Cute Lady" -  Unknown Printer Research Scientist 

"If you see and like something lovely on any page through browsing, just imagine it hung in your closet. If it would replace any one dress you hate, then you had the criterion for a one star (*) buy decision. If the dress would cost less than the one it replaced, then you had a two star (**) buy decision. If the dress happens to be on sale, you would have a three star (***) buy decision; if the date you discovered the dress was within two to four weeks of a special occasion, now you would have a (****) situation. If this was the third time you come to browse, You definitely had a (*****) decision." - Magic Mart's Advice (consulted with Dr. Chang, Keywords: lovely, replacement, value, purpose, satisfaction) on buying dress, possibly applicable on other fashion items. 
"Fashion Is A Mind Set and A Statement of Being Creative & Progressive"- IFC, Medical World Search 

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Save 20% Online at Avenue.com Quality British women's apparel from Boden
Hanes Hosiery sale - save up to 45%! Women's Athletic Shop at Macy's
Lew Magram, Shoes - FREE Shipping on our ENTIRE Selection
Shoetrader.com Always Free Shipping and Free Returns!

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