Yes, it is true; stockbrokers really did create Stock Market Tycoon. Way up north, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where the winters get too long, Owen and Patty Lasker, the husband and wife stockbroker team, created a stock market game. The concept for Stock Market Tycoon came out during a round of golf with some friends. Owen came home from golf, asked Patty what she thought about creating a stock market game, and the rest is history.
Since then, Vida Games has come out with a whole line of games; DoubleTake, Green Alligators "Rings & Things", Green Alligators "Zoo & Farm Animals", Birds & Binoculars, and Pink Elephants.
These fun games are presented in Magic Mart below:

Stock Tycoon

Board Game for Ages 8 - 108


This realistic stock
market game offers players a combination of fun, strategy and Wall St. trading into one. Strategy, Luck, Day Trading, the choice is up to you. Follow the Golden Rule of Economics: "Buy Low Sell High".

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Pinl Elephant

Card Game


This charade card game featuring 200 pink elephants will have players tickled to pink with laughter

MM-Rebate 10%

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Double Take

Card Game Ages 8 & up


Collect Books & points by making & Taking them.
Requires concentration, memory, strategy, excitement and lots of name calling!

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Birds n Binoculars

Card Game over 2o bird species for age 7 & up


players must use their memory and strategy skills to collect the most
Flocks of Birds with binoculars cards to...

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Rings n Things

Charade Card Game for ages 4 & up


Fun, award winning descriptive word game for children Good for travel, school or home. Encourages early
reading, while working on communication skills. No reading required.

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Zoo & Farm Animals

Charade Card Game for Ages 4 & up   


"Zoo & Farm Animals" has the
same kind of "Giggly-Silly" fun as "Rings n Things". The 
game is written in both English & Spanish. No reading required.

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