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The Magic Information Card is an innovative marketing concept. Magic Mart shopping card is one of its applications. The Magic Mart shopping card includes good ideas, useful information and valuable utility tools for online shoppers. It was developed under a very tight timetable to get into online shoppers' hands before the yearend's shopping season. Under limited time,  some things have to be left out. In particular, we apologize for not being able to work with every company who expressed interests in being a Sponsor of  Magic Mart to develop a sponsor page. The due diligence process requires evaluating each sponsor's company status, gathering the company web site information and materials about its products and services. This lengthy process has forced us to make this sponsors page to be a dynamic page with each sponsor's individual information page as a hyperlinked page rather than resident on the Magic Mart CD.  Therefore, only the original founding sponsors are displayed in the table, the others are linked to future web pages. However, this approach has the advantage that the Magic Mart shopping card sponsor list and each sponsor's information page can be constantly updated. The list is designed  to accommodate new sponsors who supports the Magic mart e-commerce community. You can click any of the sponsor buttons and view the sponsors page maintained on the magic mart web site,  when the Magic Mart Mi-Card is used online. Click any sponsor's name in the web page, you can access the sponsor's time-updated information page..        

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce


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