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Medical World Search is the first search engine on the World Wide Web especially developed for the medical field. Medical World Search can aid medical practitioners, researchers, or anyone with basic knowledge of medicine, to formulate an optimally precise query to search the World Wide Web and find exactly the information they need. The major goals of Medical World Search are to provide an intelligent medical search engine that understands medical thesaurus, offers automated interpretation and expansion of the search terms and provides Boolean  operators so that specialists and general public can use them to find the most relevant and accurate information quickly over the world wide web and selected search databases.

Member Benefits


Once you join the Medical World, you automatically receive the following benefits with your annual membership:

  • Rich set of search tools including the intelligent MWSearch, medical and health news search and web news search, news by topic and by date

  • Medical acronym search tool for helping to find medical terminology

  • Medical spell check tool for verifying query terms in information search

  • Search for a doctor, search for new drugs and search for medical books 

  • Access to online medical dictionary and encyclopedia

  • Weekly current medical abstracts and full papers such as the New England Journal of Medicine

  • Topical Information related to medicine and health

  • Selected health news and medical breakthroughs

  • Issue papers related to health, disease and preventions

  • Participation in online discussion forum for various health and medical topics

  • Extensive listings of medical and health conferences, educational seminars and CME courses

  • Links to reviewed and selected key health and medical web sites

  • Entitlement of health directory listing, listing a  practice or listing a personal contact number which can be called from anywhere in the world over the Internet

  • Free download of CodecPhone, an Internet telephony calling interface for your personal use

  • Free use of ClickCall Health Industry Directory which has thousands of phone numbers in health and medical related categories, all toll free

  • Privilege to shop in the MWS online shopping mart which has over 170 businesses and merchants offering products and services with discounts to MWSearch shoppers

  • Access to online shopping advice, review, tips and 'word of mouth' published by peer shoppers

  • Access to comparison shopping guides

  • Entitlement to additional rebates if offered by merchants through MWSearch

  • Access to or receiving MWS shopping mart sales and bargain newsletter

  • Entitled to express shopping experience in the 'word of mouth' publication

  • Entitled to receive multi-year membership fee discount in membership renewal


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