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"If you think marketing is an expensive and non-measurable but necessary business process, you are only half right. The traditional marketing solutions are expensive and not measurable but the think-out-of-the-box new marketing solutions are not. A revolutionary trend in marketing today is focusing on measurable cost effective marketing; clients are expecting to see measurable results with their modest marketing budgets. Internet marketing is leading the revolution. The Magic Marketing Solution discussed in this e-Commerce class is such a pioneering cost-effective marketing solution. In this class you must take away three key concepts: Collective Marketing, Persistent Marketing and Value Marketing. Pay special attention to the implementation cases where Internet technologies are leveraged to their maximum benefit." - Prof. Ifay Chang, Lecture Note of CS 906, New Media, Innovations and Challenges - An E-Commerce Course    

Magic Marketing Solution

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Magic Marketing Solution

Concept of Collective, Persistent and Value Marketing Enhanced with Ubiquitous Internet Technoloies

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Example of Collective, Persistent and value Marketing supported by Internet Technology

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