CodecPhone Help

System Requirements:

Operating System

  • Windows 98 (Second Edition)
  • Windows NT 4.0 (Intel) Workstation SP6
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

Hardware Platform

  • CPU: 486 100 Mhz or higher
  • RAM: 16MB or higher
  • Full-Duplex sound card
  • Internet connection through 56Kbps modem dial-up, LAN, DSL or T1/T3 etc.


  • MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or later version;  Netscape Navigator 4.7 or later version
  • Microphone and Speakers


Download: You can download from your Mi-Card such as Magic Mart Shopping Card or 9-11DBCC Downtown Business Calling Card or from 9-11DBCC site.

Installation: After you have downloaded the software, first unzip it with a program like winzip, or another program. Then click the 'setup.exe' file or "Install" button on WinZip interface to start  CodecPhone installation.

Use of CodecPhone:

Launch CodecPhone

CodecPhone will be launched automatically by clicking any telephone number marked with call icon   listed in your Mi-Card CD or in any Magic Directories such as Health Industry or DBCC I and DBCC II directories or it can also be launched through the Start -> Programs-> I800-2U CodecPhone menu, where you have installed it.

Calling Modes


i800-2U CodecPhone software can place PC to PC and PC to Phone calls over Internet.

PC to PC:

1. Launch CodecPhone

2. Click the 'PC' button in the lower ellipse

3. Enter the IP address of the person which you would like to call

4. Click the 'CONNECT' button on the dialing pad

5. The calling status will be displayed in information area in the right hand ellipse 

6. When successfully connected, "Talking..." will be displayed in the status pad

7. Click the 'HANG-UP' button to end the conversation


PC to Phone:

1. Launch CodecPhone

2. Click the 'OPTIONS' button, then select the 'Calling Properties' tab

3. Check 'Use a GateWay to call telephones', input the gateway address into the "Gateway" box, then click 'OK' (For most call icon listed phone numbers the gateway would be automatically preset for you. However, occasionally, the gateway could be switched, If you don't know the new gateway, contact

4. Select the 'PHONE' option in the lower ellipse

5. Enter the phone number you wish to call, and click 'CONNECT'
NOTE: when entering telephone numbers, do not use dashes, commas, or spaces. Just enter the number straight through

6. When you have successfully connected, "Talking..." will be displayed in the status pad

7. Click the 'HANG-UP' button to end the conversation


CodecPhone is based on H.323 series protocol stack, so it could interoperate with popular IP Phone software, such as NetMeeting, Intel Internet Phone, etc... CodecPhone can also make telephone calls using standard H.323 gateways from third parties.

Benefits of CodecPhone

1. CodecPhone is a voice solution over Internet, suitable for business community to conduct e-business over the Internet and college students who would like to make inexpensive phone calls among friends and classmates. (Students should visit the CodecPhone site at

2. VoIP offers low (almost no) cost, caller convenience in web environment (call while hot on the web trail! No need to log off to use the phone), and receiver convenience with phone numbers easily configurable and updated within minutes to assure always reaching the right person at the right number.

3. The magic directories are business community directories for supporting e-commerce whereas i800 directory service provides a easy way for consumers and students to look for and communicate with their friends and classmates. These directories list the business numbers and converts any phone number to an equivalent 800 number over the Internet. (beats yellow page in cost and effectiveness!).

4. The i800 directory and Magic Directories list thousands of frequently used telephone numbers that people would call, thus making them a very valuable marketing tool for businesses especially for e-commerce.

5. e800 number is a great concept, converting any phone number into an 800-like number. This is especially powerful for people who want to have a US e800 number whic can be called all over the world without the international toll cost.

Calling with CodecPhone through Firewall:

If there is a firewall installed in your local network, you need to ask your administrator to open these ports for calling from inside firewall through the Internet to a phone number or a PC:

Port #
Call Signaling
Call Control
2000 - 2031
Voice Data Transferring
10240 - 10303

For more help, please check our forums, and use our contact page to contact us directly.

Operator Information

The ipo2u's gateway is located in New York City. Other IPO2U Operators will be published as they become available.

If you want to purchase the gateway software, "IPO2U Operator", please contact  or leave your voice mail at : (914) 248-6770.