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In serving small businesses, IBM Product Groups are collaborating with their business partners to bring about the most cost effective solutions to serve their customers' needs. IBM business partners in direct contact with the customers and in direct contact with the hardware and software supply divisions of the IBM Corporation are performing a pivotal role in this business relationship. Since customers are not familiar with all the IT products and solutions that IBM can offer, it is important to work with an IBM business partner who is knowledgeable about IBM products and services. Prior to Internet, customers must work with an IBM business partner near their locations. With Internet, customers now can work with any competent IBM Business Partner over the Internet. 

Some IBM products are available from direct sale but most IBM products are generally offered through IBM Business Partners (Resellers) who can help the purchasers to select the right products and can offer service contracts if needed. In browsing this page or any other IBM web page, if you have any question that needs an answer or you require any advice to arrive at a purchase decision, you may contact IPO2U.COM, Inc. by sending an email to or just call 1-914-248-6770. You will receive help in finding the right solution at the best price. 

The following link is IBM Direct Sale web page. You should visit these pages and order the equipment you think it is serving your needs. IBM products are always backed with reliability and quality claims in contrast to other products competing in price. If you had a price issue or you can't find what you want or you don't know what is the best for you, then contact us, we will try to get you the best price especially when there is a discount offered through IBM business partners. 

IBM Direct Sale:

You should call IBM at 1-877-999-7115 option 4 and mention IPO2U.COM (Magic Mart) location ID 37502 to get the price quote for comparison. If you don't think the quote is the lowest, contact and let IPO2U verify for you. 

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