Howling Monkeys.

Learn How To Communicate Better In Your Jungle!

Yes, It's fun for the whole family

"Board game puts focus on communication", The Edge, Becky Gehling

"People often have great ideas but they don't know how to best express them... or sell them", Rice 

California native Susan Rice created Howling Monkeys with the help of her daughter, Chloe. Rice, a communications and strategic planning specialist worked at Lego headquarters in Denmark,  realized how much one could learn through play. In Howling Monkeys, two to six players age 9 and above take turns make their way around the board by rolling a die and performing tasks. Tasks vary from creating an object out of clay for others to guess to telling a story that may include a certain list of words. Players get to appreciate how people communicate through eye contact, body language, choice of words and imagery.....  Not only will the family have fun acting out various scenarios described on the game cards, but will also be entertained by the consequences of the action commands. Chloe brought amazing insight to the game both on the creative design and the content of the cards. How does one win the game? One gets the most reward points and/or the one who completes the journey first.  

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Susan Rice, Creator of Howling Monkeys, is a member of GIFTED

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