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The Magic OSMart scours the internet to bring you the best values and put them all in one place. Our hot items include desktops, palmtops, cell phones and all the tools and utilities you need to keep you wired and wireless. "What is human civilization if you look at it one century at a time? Man, aren't we way passed the computer era? Isn't the information age bygone? Haven't we just stepped into the wireland and spun out to the wireless world? You are confused? I will make it simple for you, we are now in the Net World or may be Web World. Still puzzled? I ask you or you tell me: Can you work without the Internet? Can you live without a cell phone? Can you go anywhere and be somebody without a handy gizmo that can take pictures and send them, can download music and play them, can peek into a video conference and surprise them, and can access all your email wherever you are and chuck them, print them or reply them. Man! That is power and man! that is human civilization if you ask me! Who am I to say? I am a chip in a gizmo! I ought to know. The chips made it all happen." - Quote from Dr. Chang with a New York accent.

Browse the comparison tables BELOW on Large TV/PC flat screens and desktop, laptop, handheld... before you jump to buy. That is the purpose of Magic OSMart: provide you the information, bring you all the quality merchants & point out their specials & sales. You then decide what is the best for you. Buy what you need today with an informed decision or buy what you want tomorrow at a super price performance. We help you on what to buy & you decide on when to buy!!!

Quotes About Designs in Computer Gizmos

Some computer gizmos get smaller, some get bigger, some flatter, some thinner, some curvier, some faster, some lighter but never bulkier or heavier, why?  That is because humans, always desire to be superior & in control, are only allowing themselves to get bulkier and heavier with time and humans can always smash any computer gizmo when it gets too smart or refuses to work for its master! ~ IFC 

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Tips for Shoppers (Click Here for Future Updates on Computers Plus)

Cell phones, Computers and Electronics are fast changing products. It pays to be educated on the basic level to understand their functions and differences. Some products are very hot products and some are highly competitive products. For cell phones, one needs to pay attention to phone rates and new features. For other computer and electronic products, one needs to pay attention to warranties and maintenance contracts. The following table gives shoppers a quick comparison about these products. Be aware that the data does get obsolete rather quickly. Nice thing about telecomputing products is that you can buy more functions for the same price in newer products. So you may just discover you can buy a lot more with the old prices. Don't wait forever, though!

Wisdom on the Large screen Flat Panel Display*



Plasma 4 PC


Plasma 4 TV




better in brighter ambient

better in darker ambient

Viewing Angle



limited angle and distance





High may not be needed

Lower but may be better for group/family viewing

Power Use

Low Consumption

High Consumption


High ~ 3X


better in bright ambient

Better in dim ambient

Ambient light source position dependent

ambient light source intensity dependent


Low (20M/yr MFG)

High (Losing mktshr)

5 digits down toward 4 digit

4 digits down toward 3 digits

Size < 40 inch

dominates from 12-20

fair shake at 24-40

wins on the low end supports high-end R&D

holding on the high end lost in the low-end

Size > 40 inch

niche market

niche market

Expensive if gets there, heavy investment (many billions, Samsung, Philip, Sharp, Au Optronics, Chi Mei)

Dominates > 85% market with cost dropping significantly (Matsushita continues with investment) 


Long but sensitive to use/abuse

10k-60k hrs burn-in issue

Long but unknown yet for > 40 in 

60k hrs

* Comments by Dr. Chang: Making a judgment on display quality and satisfaction is a complex scientific problem due to many variables behaving differently for different display applications. There are many different usage conditions such as indoor vs outdoor, single user vs group viewing, day use vs night use etc etc just under the PC and TV category. Therefore consumers are advised to gain some knowledge before buying a device of thousands of dollars. In addition to LCD and plasma, there are other displays such as electroluminescence film display, offered by a Canadian manufacturer and microdisplay. The following links are provided for your reference on the subject matter: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5  2005 (Note technology advances but price drops)

Product Comparison Table (PC prices always drop; use it as a guide - 2003)

Desktop  Laptop Handheld Camera Phone Wireless Rate
Intel versus AMD processor chip.AMD 64bit chip fastest 2003 IBM Thinkpad R series, ~$1449, good desktop replacement Handspring TREO 600 $600 phone Palm OS, camera  keyboard LG mobilephone LG VX6000 for Verizon $150-200 AT&T Wireless 600min Anytime Unlimited night and weekend roaming $.69/min 
Price ranges from low($700-800), medium (~$1500) & high (>$2400) Dell Latitude D800, ~$2900, top-flight corporate desktop RIM Blackberry ~$400,  Proprietary OS, wide design for email phone Nokia 3650 $50-200 shoots video bulky circular keypad T-Mobile 600min Anytime Unlimited night & weekend free roaming #
Large vendors, IBM, Dell, Apple HP Pavilion ZD7000, ~$1899, as much power as desktop Samsong SPH-I500, ~$600, Palm OS, phone no KB Sony Ericsson T616/T610 $50-200 lots features tiny screen Cingular 500min Anytime rollover unused minutes free roaming
CNET's top rated: eMachines, iBuypower, HP, ABS, Polywell, ZTgroup Toshiba Sateelite, ~$2800, 17" screen with TV tuner  Sony CLIE PEG-UX50 ~$700, Palm, camera KB, 2 wireless standards Sanyo SCP-8100 $79-250 for Sprint PCS solid call quality NEXTEL 500min Anytime 250min night & weekend tw0-way radio Net access slow
Note 1: Small company new comers pay attention to market needs IBM Thinkpad T40p, ~$3000, for road warriors with tons features HP ipaq H4350 ~$500 Pocket PC OS, KB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth larger Samsong SPH-A600 $350 swivel screen zoom flash pricey slickest Sprint PCS 500min Anytime Plan $45 unlimited night & weekend roaming $.50-.75
Note 2: Large companies are more likely to be around for your next upgrade Apple Powerbook, ~$1600, Easy Carry,  Motorola PowerPC Palm Tungsten T3 ~$400, Palm Large screen Bluetooth wireless Notes: Beware of discounts and rebates as well as wireless plan Verizon Wireless 400 Anytime Unlimited night & weekend roaming $.69 per minute *
Note 3: Speed ranges 2.2 - 3.06 Ghz but not always meaningful Acer Travelmate 803LCi ~$2600, 15" screen and long battery life GARMIN IQUE ~$589 Palm GPS receiver tracking theft Note: beware of bundling price and future recurrent charges on wireless rate Notes: * Best network quality # worst network quality varies geographically
Note 4: RAM Memory  typically 512MB ZT Home Polywell 1GB RAM Sony VAIO, ~$2300, 10.6"screen frequent flier use Tapwave Zodiac1 ~$300 Palm Gaming console 3D graphics    
Note 5: Hard drive ranges 40-160 GB not significant except heavy duty use  Dell Inspiron 5150 ~$1049, low budget, 2.4Ghz long battery life Note: Price ranges widely from retailers, check Magic Mart stores offering discounts    
  Acer Travelmate 290xi, ~$999, appeals to back2school users      
Note 1 for laptop: weight, battery life, screen size and keyboard comfort are issues Gateway M305S ~$699, Celeron processor, entry laptop Note 2 for laptop: look out for special sales for instance back to school deals from IBM, Dell etc.   You may call for free advice

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