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Perfect for taking baby home from
the Hospital.

Select a theme and then add a coordinated blanket, burp pad or bib.

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Quotes About Baby

Women think they can change their men as simple as changing a baby, but men believe changing a baby is an extremely difficult task. -- MWSearch
The Mother's labor ends when a baby is born then the Father's labor begins.... -- MWSearch
A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, limbs weaker...              -- IFC
A baby has two weapons, her or his smile will make you do things voluntarily and her or his cry will make you do things involuntarily. -- MWSearch 
Why does the word Baby have two b's, Mama, two m's and Dad two d's? The MWSearch Thesaurus has no absolute answer but a plausible clue: Perhaps they are related to the words they say or think first and often in their triangular affair: Bye and Buy, My and Milk, and Don't and Dollars.  
Men say it's more fun before babies arrive and women say it's more fun after babies arrive, do you know what they are referring to? No... It is not what you think! You have been watching too much 'Sex in the City'. 'It' is the family reunion. -- MWSearch 

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