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Back to School means a lot but differently to different people. Some get excited, some get worried and some even get depressed. This goes for students old or new as well as for parents new or old. One thing never changes, though, you must do some shopping for Back2School. An advice from Magic OSMart is: don't wait till last minute. Let the mouse do the shopping: searching for items, comparing prices and delivered to where you needed (Home or School, your pick). For large items, delivering to school saves you packing and unpacking and hauling it a long distance such as electronics, music instruments and computers. Shop ahead of season or post season strategically.

Do you know that the same notebook or the same copy paper may have their quality vary by 10% but their price by 30 to 50%? So....  use your trusted Magic OSMart to compare and shop. Give us your feedback and pass the word.

Make a list! Check it twice! Shop it trice until you get the lowest price for the things you want. (X'Mas Tune!!!) Does this make sense to you? Sure, you bet!  Enjoy your browsing of 'goods', 'quotes' and 'puzzles' below.

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Quotes About School

   No one can look back on his schooldays and say with truth that they were altogether unhappy.     -- George Orwell

I would rather be a student than be a teacher; learning is safe, you can always learn a little from someone, whether a pal or a foe, a genius or a fool. In college, you can chose the subject and the person to learn from. On the other hand, teaching may be treacherous; you may teach too much, turning a friend into an enemy or a genius into a criminal. Your teaching may just enter from one ear and exit from the other ear, creating a person cursing you all his or her life while holding a diploma on a job. Occasionally, you get a card from an appreciative and sentimental student, saying you were a cool teacher - A Big Deal! - but it is entirely in the hands of the student. -- IFC  

Students today do understand the chief reason for going to college is to be able to get a new car, buy some new clothes, take nice vacations and have a nice life; what they got confused a little is the timing of doing that before rather than after graduation and landing a good paying job. -- A Nervous Parent with Six Children 

Entertaining Puzzle

Just interchange one pair of vowels and one pair of non-vowels to decipher the message below: heuaromhbostfriondintyoscyeel!     (Eh yo, you don't need a dictionary for this!) -- by IFC -- For more puzzles.

Logic and Math in Lexicon 

An English Logician conversing with a French Mathematician and an American Lexiconist at a bar: 

English Logician: A logician friend of mine, Prof. Charles Habbage, who at age of  94  had discovered a break-through theorem based on logic. He has proven that numbers are not letters. 
American Lexiconist: Really?! I thought they were not related, but a theorem, how fascinating! I am very interested in his proof. let's hear it! 
Logician: Professor Habbage says: think numbers from one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, ..... to ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred. He then asks is there a 'A' in them, the answer is no!, Prof. Habbage then asks is there a 'B' in them, the answer is no! he then asks is there a 'C' in them, the answer is again no!, To be sure, he than asks is there a 'D' in them, the answer again is no!. To be complete, he asks is there a 'Z' in them, the answers is still no!. So Professor Habbage concludes that numbers are numbers and they do not and should not contain letters in them.  
French Mathematician: Brilliant! Brilliant! This reminds me a mathematician of mine, Prof. Blaise Hascal, who once has proven that the English language is full of mistakes. He has discovered one using simple math with a solid proof. He concludes that the English are quite sloppy with their language and/or quite poor with math.  
American Lexiconist: Wow! This is even more interesting. let's hear it!
Mathematician: It is quite easy to present the discovery really. Take a number sixteen and you subtract six from it you get teen. Similarly, take a number seventeen and subtract seven from it you also get teen. So it is obvious that the English misspelled the number teen as ten. Prof. Hascal has further shown the sloppiness in English and their disrespect for numbers. Take the number eighteen and subtract eight from it, you get 'een', not teen nor ten. Prof. Hascal has sent his paper to the British Royal Society of Mathematics; shamefully, they have refused to publish his brilliant work.
Lexiconist: Oh, well, you fellows made good points that humble me. However, hearing your theorems, they reminded me a very smart philosopher-lexiconist friend of mine, Prof. Bertrand Hussell who has claimed a profound theory based on lexicography. Prof. Hussell's theory says that black can be transformed into white and white can be transformed into black through lexiconic transformation. His conclusion is, in a Lexiconist's eyes, there is no difference between black and white and for that matter between many other colors.

Logician and Mathematician: This is utterly intriguing, How can he say that? What is his proof? Let's hear it!
Lexiconist: Well, Prof. Hussell's proof is quite eloquent! He simply applies a lexiconic transformation rule to prove his point. Given the word WHITE, if you would make one small change, (changing one letter and transform one word into another word existed in a dictionary), then the two words are closely related differing only by one letter. For example, WHITE and WRITE. He then shows WRITE and TRITE are closely related by one letter change. He then goes on with TRITE and TRICE, TRICE and TRACE, TRACE and TRACK, TRACK and CRACK, CRACK and CLACK, CLACK and BLACK. So WHITE is transformed into BLACK in 8 simple lexiconic transformation. And Vice Versa.
Logician and Mathematician: Wait a minute! What about other color .....
Lexiconist: You want more proof? Not only Black is white with a little lexicon transformation but BROWN is also WHITE: brown, brawn, brain, train, trait, tract, trace, trice, trite, write, white.  You want more? brown is also black: brown, brawn, brain, train, trait, tract, track, crack, clack,  black. Just a little lexicon transformation, black is white, white is black, brown is white and brown is black. Isn't this happening in the real world? at least among politicians and academicians? .....
After a long thoughtful pause, ALL: Alright! Cheers! We accept that numbers are no letters! We also accept that the English have misspelled teen as ten. Guess we should also accept that black is white and white is black by Lexicon Transformation!  -- Story told by Prof. I. F. C. and recorded by MWSearch 

Famous Quotes with a Bit of Twist by IFC

If you don't know where you are going, any road (logic or color road) will get you there. (Original quote by Lewis Carroll, English, Logician, mathematician, photographer and author of Alice's Adventure in Wonderland - yellow brick road, 1832-1898)

(Academic) Freedom in general may be defined as the absence of obstacles to the realization of (arbitrary) desires (triggered by a battle of minds) (Original quote by Bertrand Russell, English Logician and philosopher, 1872-1970)

Anyone who has never made (discovered anything) a mistake (new) has never tried (mastered) anything new (old) (original by Albert Einstein, mathematician, physicist, 1879-1955).

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