Northern Westchester Chinese School

Chess++ Class

Instructor: Ifay Chang, Ph.D.

Class Assistants: Jesseon Chang and Jerren Chang


Letter to the Students


Welcome to Chess++, a class of fun and brain stimulation. The fun is to play games with other students and win prizes in tournaments. The stimulation is to make your brain grow and become smarter. Everyone can be smarter if he or she will just let his or her brain get stimulated to learn. You have up to age 20 to grow your brain, after that the best you can do is to slow its decay. The learning you will do through playing games in this class will help you build and connect the useful neurons. Once you learned these games, you can play them to old ages and playing them often will slow the decay of your brain. 

There are three main games to be learned and mastered in this class. They are Chinese Chess, Western Chess and Wei Chi (Go Game). You can sign up for any one or all of them or indicate your preferences so you will get to play your preference more. There will be score keeping on your games so that you will know how your are progressing. It is not important how many games you win. It is important to play with everyone and learn from the games you play. Sometimes, A will win over B and B will win over C and C will win over A. Why is this possible? This is because everyone is different. Everyone may have a different strategy or game plan and possibly for different games with different opponents. The instructor will see from your game score record to help you in developing your game skills against different players. Make sure you always bring the score sheet to class to keep a good record and discuss with your teacher whenever you can.

The class will have at least one tournament at the end of semester. Every student will be playing in the tournament. Winners will be given trophies and certificates. To help class students to learn more, we encourage students to play at home with parents, grand parents, cousins and friends. During the class tournament, the class may invite others (including adults) to participate. You may bring your friends or even your parents to participate. They too can win certificates or trophies.

Every student is encouraged to buy a set of your favorite game. Western Chess is readily available in most game stores or department stores. If you need help getting Chinese Chess or Go game, you may contact the Northern Westchester Chinese School Office to get one for you. You may bring your own set to class to play but you are responsible for collecting all the pieces at the end of the class.

Instruction materials will be distributed from time to time to the students. You should keep them in a folder so you may refer to them when needed. There will be no homework assignment (other than asking you to play at home) nor final exam. If any student is interested in attending outside chess tournament, you can contact the teacher for information.

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