Northern Westchester Chinese School

Chess++ Class

Instructor: Ifay Chang, Ph.D.

Class Assistants: Jesseon Chang and Jerren Chang


Letter to the Parents


As parents we all share one common goal that is to give our children the best opportunity to learn and excel. Northern Westchester Chinese School since its establishment has always kept that goal in its charter. NWCS believes that learning Chinese language is not just keeping a heritage for Chinese American kids but it is really a social and cultural enrichment study that will benefit the children's lives as they grow up. NWCS now has students from mixed culture, non-Chinese students as well as adopted Asian students with American parents. The society at large has recognized that Chinese language has becoming a more important and practical global language in the 21st century. To have an affinity with Chinese language and culture today has the similar significance as to have an affinity with French language and culture during the late Eighteenth century. Hence NWCS has expanded its curricula to include more Chinese art and cultural classes and programs to offer a richer learning environment for children (and adults) who would like to absorb the Chinese language and culture. The Chess++ class is one of the offerings. It has been explained in the introduction how the Chinese Chess Class has evolved into Chess++. We are sure that students enrolled in the Chess++ will have an excellent chance to absorb more Chinese (language and culture) through the fun and challenge of playing Chess and Go games. As parents, we know you would like to see your children succeed in doing just that.   

Learning Chess has many benefits but it also presents challenges. Although learning Chess is not as hard as learning Chinese language but it is highly intellectual. It challenges the children's brains to think. It builds children's ability to develop logic and strategy. It builds children's confidence when a child begins to know his or her own strength and weakness. Chess is a game that both winners and losers can gain. Many Chess Masters often learn more from the games they lost than from the games they won, not just in Chess but more about strategy and people's personality. Like most intellectually challenging activities, one must develop an interest in meeting the challenges. As parents, you must help your children to maintain that interest to meet the challenges. Please allot a little time to play a game with your child once a week if possible. If you can't, ask your spouse or the grand parents or a visiting friend to play with your child. Remember, keeping your child's interest up is the best support you can give to your child.   

Every family should have a set of Chess at home. Western Chess is easily obtainable from any game store. For Chinese Chess or Go game, you can contact the Northern Westchester Chinese School Office to help getting one for you. You will find a few dollars investment in these games may benefit your child for life, far greater than any electronic game can do for your child.

Each student will receive Instruction materials from time to time to in class. Please help them organize the material in a folder so they can refer to it when needed. The teacher will try to maintain a web site for the class. You may download or print the class materials if your child loses any material. There will be no homework assignment for students (other than asking them to play at home) nor a final exam, but there will be a class tournament which parents are welcome to participate in. Again, the idea is let your child develop an interest in a game which can help him or her a life time. Don't let winning or losing bother you or your child. Someone once said: Chess is a lot like fishing, you must be patient, you must think like your opponent (the fish). The fun is not in catching a fish, the fun is in fishing itself.

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