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Model Attractions:

What is the model attractions?

Model attractions offer a valuable service to models and their
professional community and business associates. Model Attractions gives aspiring models of all types instant access to
worldwide exposure and contracts. Models will have the opportunity to earn money on the internet through modeling, appearances, and merchandising. Model Attractions offer membership to professionals of business community to gain instant access to our database of models. Our database will allow you to view models' resumes and
portfolios and interact directly with the models via private messaging.

What are the benefits of Model Attractions?

  • Models to gain exposure to job opportunities
  • Models to receive recognition from members voting on attractiveness of models
  • Hiring a model is as easy as contacting one of our Model Attractions staff members.
  • Participating in special events sponsored by Model Attractions

Who are the models?

Model Attractions has hundreds of models in its database. Visit our web
site to see featured
models (

How to contact a model?

Contact the office of Model Attractions to make arrangement
give phone number here for click and call

Model Attractions, LLC
PO Box 266
Ocean Grove, NJ 07756

Phone: 732-775-8999 (click to call using CodecPhone)

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Mi-Card Manager

As Mi-Card becomes a well received product whcih we are certain it will, multiple Mi-Cards can be managed in your PC with a Mi-Card manager. The functions of the Mi-Card manager include editing, sorting, search, update and import/export cards. Conatct Mi-Card development team for more information and availability. If this Mi-Card
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