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Magic Marketing is based on the concept of 'Value Marketing'. Offering value to prospects will perform magic for businesses. For small businesses, leveraging on 'Collective Marketing' will yield more magic. Value  Marketing does not mean expensive gifts or incurring huge costs, it means understanding the Concept of Value and Its Magic Power. Every serious business man and woman must know what are 'Values' available to them today. Magic Marketing also means 'Persistent Marketing' in contrary to conventional marketing using TV, radio, newspaper or magazines. For example, Magic Marketing uses Mi-Card (Hi-Tech) and Scrammble card  (Lo-Tech) as inexpensive persistent marketing medium. 

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This web site is not a public site. Its contents listed below are relevant to the following topics for invited audiences. (Contact Us by Email at One major illustration in this site is 'Application of Magic Marketing to Promote Online Shopping'.  Do take a look of the Magic Mart Mi-Card and see how value marketing, collective marketing and persistent marketing are applied.

Business Journal News Report 9-1-03 on Mi-Card Magic Marketing

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Table of Content

  • Home Page - Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

  • Magic Marketing Solution - Value Marketing, Concept Marketing and Collective Marketing

  • Sales and Sales Promotion - Products and Services of Magic Marketing

  • Magic Directory - Name Exposure, Increasing Revenue and Reaching Customers

  • Magic Information Card - Most Cost Effective Marketing and Advertising Medium; Its Magic Power

  • Magic Icon - ClickCall Communication Tool for B2B and C2B, Symbol of Tender Loving Care for Business

  • i800 Directory for Health Industry, NY Downtown Business Directories and World Wide Toll Free Directories

  • List Your Business for Magic Marketing Power and Get Free Call Software - Long Lasting Effect, Simple to Update; Magic Pages of 21st Century Will Replace the Yellow Pages of the 20th Century  

  • Advertising and Interactive Advertising - Examples: Health and Medical Information Search, Online Shopping Mart and Game Product Launch; Turning Prospects to Long-Term Loyal Customers

  • e-business and e-commerce - White Papers

  • Concepts of Value Marketing, Collective Marketing, Interactive Marketing and Persistent Marketing

  • Mi-card and Scrammble card are cost-effective media for application of magic marketing 

  • Non Magic Directory - Online Directory, Yahoo Directory, World Directory, Yellow Pages, Superpages,  White Pages, Switchboard

  • MagicPage - Magic Directory, Magic Information Card (Mi-Card) and Magic Icon

  • Magic Mart - Application of Magic Marketing Solution to Build Online Shopping Culture and Revenues; Be A Pioneer to Reap the Long Lasting Benefits

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