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The Great Inventions For Toys & EDucation (GIFTED) is offered to businesses and online shoppers by Magic Mart under sponsorship of MWSearch and other supporters. The initiating sponsors are TLC Information Services, Inc. (Medical World Search - MWSearch), IPO2U.COM, Inc. and Many companies, inventors and organizations have recognized the value of this GIFTED CD and have joined the collective effort as members. This copy of GIFTED CD you received is offered to you either by by a GIFTED sponsor or a GIFTED member. Please browse your sponsor's greeting message listed below.  

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Welcome to the customer-centric and value-minded GIFTED CD. GIFTED CD is designed, based on the principles of Value Marketing and Collective Marketing which brings values collectively from and for Toy and Game Producers, Retailers, Distributors, Buyers and Consumers. This card is first distributed just prior to a major toy and game fair prior to the holiday season to game producers, retailers, buyers and consumers. The receiver can enjoy GIFTED CD throughout the holiday season and beyond since it is always kept up-to-date to bring the latest Good Inventions and Special Sales to you. We wish you all happy holidays and pleasant shopping and shipping. We welcome your comments on how we may improve the GIFTED CD and the Magic Mart Shopping Card, whether you are a MWSearch member or a registered guest or a retailer or a toy and game producer..

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We are proud to be a sponsor of GIFTED. GIFTED CD is a natural growth of Magic Mart where hundreds of stores and merchants and tens of thousands of products are brought together for online shoppers' convenience and for the merchants' benefit to promote e-Commerce. As Toys and Games received so much attention during the last year-end sales season, it is natural for Magic Mart to amplify and focus on Toys and Games in a more managed effort. Hence the birth of GIFTED CD. We hope that you will take full advantages of this Magic Information Card which brings values to all parties involved in the e-Commerce processes.

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We are happy that you have received a GIFTED CD  which has been developed with IPO2U technologies. Now, you can forget about driving in the traffic, searching for the parking and walking miles and miles to find something. Just let the mouse do the shopping for you! Click to play some online games to entertain you and your family or show them to your customers. Browse GIFTED Toys and Games in different categories and pick your choice by occasion or seasonal event. Have the merchant deliver the goods to your doorstep. IPO2U.COM will continue to work hard to make sure your order is take care of properly an your rebate benefit is properly executed. Have a most enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience with GIFTED Toys and Games. If you are a retailer or you are making a volume purchase, please feel free to contact us or MWSearch staff if any assistance is needed. 

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