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2002 Mi-Card Publication: Downtown Business Calling Card
 2003 Mi-Card Publication: Magic Mart (Over 200 Merchants)
   2004 Mi-Card Publication: GIFTED Games & Toys Fall/ 2004

What is GIFTED? - Good Inventions (Inventors) For Toys & Education, A collection of great games and toys organized in the Magic Information Card format for consumers and businesses to use. GIFTED Mi-Card presents values in games and toys to receivers and provides a persistent & effective marketing medium for talented inventors and entrepreneurs. (Refer to Mi-Card's power in Magic Marketing Solutions' private web site)

What GIFTED can do for members? Get Orders and Sales! with tiny investment
1. GIFTED is committed to be produced for both B2B and B2C segments, the finished Interactive CD will be distributed to retailers and buyers (we have already compiled a most current list from Toy Fair, WTHRA and
GAMA, ~600 in the database and several hundred more to be entered). This will be the most cost effective marketing medium for toy and game producers.
2. GIFTED will be also selectively distributed at the trade shows (Chitag and others)
3. Each member can have 100 CDs to distribute on their own or submit 50 (or select 50 from our collected list) for GIFTED to distribute with a customized cover letter.
4. GIFTED will also create B2C retail sales for members who can do drop ship or create transactions through Magic Mart's online processing and shipping service. The business model works within margins between wholesale and retail prices. 

What are members' obligations for getting the above values?
1. Commit to be a member and pay $300 (receive 100 CDs as stated above)
2. Provide promotional content and images in digital format to be included in the GIFTED CD
3. Spread the word "GIFTED Toys and Games Are Coming!"
4. Contribute retail/buyer mailing addresses to GIFTED mailing list (at this point, GIFTED will commit to mail out 1000 CDs before Chicago show, this number will increase if more members join GIFTED. It is likely we will have close to 2000 fresh mailing addresses by Summer. At 1000 distribution, each member is paying 30 cents for getting his or her product to a Potential buyer. At 2000, the cost drops to 15 cents.... 

How Are Products Selected? - Potential candidates discovered in game and toy conventions and tradeshows (for instance, the Am Intl Toy Fair, Western States Toy & Hobby Show and Chicago Toy Fair) and individual submissions and recommendations are evaluated based on innovation, safety, education, entertainment and cost values. Only Good Inventions are selected and included in the GIFTED Mi-Card. Organization such as (an organization helps independent game inventors to bring their good products to market) and experienced creators of toys and games help the selection. GIFTED Mi-Card will be replicated and supported as a web site with future updates linked to the CD so that the CD will always have updated information.  The timeline of creating the GIFTED Mi-Card is as follows:

March-April - Collection and Evaluation, May-June Examining product details and producing marketing content, July-August - design, prototype & production of GIFTED Mi-Card and September - targeted as the first distribution with online transaction enabled. October-November - Further distributions will be made to meet yearend demand and beyond.   

Congratulations to Some Good 2004 Inventions - A number of good games discovered in the February Toy Fair in New York and March Toy & Hobby Show in  Pomona, California have already passed the selection. Congratulations to the inventors and creators. Please fill out the registration form below and begin supplying information content for inclusion. These products will be featured in the game section in Magic Mart as their contents are gathered. When the selections are completed, they will be published as GIFTED Toys & Games in the Interactive CD (Mi-Card) format as well as maintained on the GIFTED web site. The GIFTED CD will be designed like a multimedia catalog with illustrations and demos for toy industry buyers as well as consumers to use and to purchase products.

GIFTED Registration Form - Click here to view and fill out the GIFTED registration form. The form contains details on requirements, commitments and benefits for participating in GIFTED Mi-Card as a GIFTED member. Must read to appreciate the value and power. Don't fall behind the cut off date.

Progress Posted - The progress of GIFTED Mi-Card will be posted here, and (Game section) Please use the contact info below to communicate with GIFTED.

Your Comments Are Welcome - please use the following contact to communicate your opinion and suggestions to us. Any comment about the GIFTED project is greatly appreciated. 

Photo Gallery of 2004 NY Toy Fair (The photo files are large, be patient to get them if you are not connected with a broadband, Gallery1 & Gallery2)

Photo Gallery of Western States Toys & Hobby Representatives Association 43rd Annual Show, ToyWest 1 & ToyWest 2.

This GIFTED web site will grow as progress is made. Bookmark the url and stay hyperlinked. All GIFTED members are welcome to submit items/suggestions for inclusion/publication. To get an idea how this GIFTED CD will evolve to,  please visit the Magic Mart CD and its Toy and Game Section.

GIFTED - Outline of Content:

Introduction (Present value and convenience to buyers and shoppers. Persistent and effective marketing makes savings for GIFTED members and in turn offer savings for both B2B and B2C transactions) 

Feature GIFTED products by Category (Icons on the left side of the frame lead to categories and product pages)

Select GIFTED products by Fast Track (Icons on the right side of the frame lead to info & transaction) 


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