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This Marketing Information Card Is Created for Dream Cruise's Customers

1. What is the Dream Cruise?

Dream Cruise is created as the ultimate cruise of your life time. We have combined the vast experiences of several cruise liners and netted out our one single motto: Our cruise is our customer's dream cruise!. We take extreme pride in collecting our customers' wishes and dreams. (Please send us an email about what would be your dream cruise)
We build or buy the most luxuriously designed ships which will make many other ships seem antique. The following photos
will give you a clue and please feel free to visit the web sites discussing ocean liners and antique ships

Everyone only lives once and everyone deserves to have some dreams fulfilled. Dream Cruise is one of your dreams.
Health is the most important thing in everyone's life regardless one's
age, race, religion or wealth. Dream Cruise is for your health; your physician will confirm it.
Life is as big as your circle of world; dream cruise will enlarge your world.
Dream Cruise offers journeys full of fun to every exotic corner of the world; browse our destination below and book a reservation.

2. Destinations of Dream Cruises?
We offer dream cruises to almost every part of the world. If we don't have it according to your schedule we will find one for you. The following maps are examples of cruises offered by us or other reputable cruise liners

Map I  
Click sample destinations sailing schedules

Map II  

For example, if you desire to visit downunder click Australia here. Or you would like to see God's ice sculpture click Alaska here.
The world is full of wonders even you have already visited the famous seven wonders of the world. Make your 'this year's resolution' to take your Dream Cruise!

3. What Dream Cruise Offers You:

  • All cruise lines in the world will acknowledge Dream Cruise is the best. We offer the widest choices of cruises.
  • A Fleet of 50 luxurious cruise ships, rated highest in the industry.
  • Hundreds of Cruises you can select from during a year; you can even order a special cruise of your own.
  • All services are of highest quality, from booking the cruise, on-board, port excursions and post cruise care.
  • Richest on-board programs: click sample of pleasure of cruising. and we offer much more.
  • Shopping experience of your life time both on shore, on-board and even through Internet store
  • The most complete sports and fitness facilities you have ever seen. See these sample photos:
  • First rate entertainment programs you will never forget. See these sample photos:
  • We welcome any question from our customers; no question is too complicated or too stupid.
  • Click Call Dream Cruise right now to reach a Dream Cruise Staff.
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  • Click Mi-CARD above to understand how to use the click and call feature, This Mi-Card you are viewing is a no-cost to you calling card. You can call us from anywhere in the world on the Internet. Try it you will like it.


4. How to choose and book a cruise

This Dream Cruise Mi-Card gives you all the information you need to select a cruise. This Mi-Card is portable (can fit in your wallet). You can simply put in a PC disc drive, it will automatically launch the information for you. If your PC is connected to the Internet, this card will offer you more function:

  • Interactive transaction with web sites to fill out reservation forms for example.
  • Click and Call phone service to reach all phone numbers included in this Mi-Card as you browse. So you will get instant answers to your questions. No charge to you of course.
  • A useful telephone directory specially collected here for your convenience. It contains all travel related phone numbers and of course your Dream Cruise phone numbers. All are click and call enabled.
  • On-line secure credit card payment process with the secured web sites.
  • For example, Dream Cruise's on-line secured credit card payment system is powered by IPO2U.COM and Goemerchant.com. Click here to register as a Dream Cruise taker.

  Memory of a beautiful cruise

Hi, friends, this is the first batch of pictures we took in our cruise trip. Feel free to use this calling card to call us, Just click here. (call to 914-347-2450)







6. Contact Information for Dream Cruise

TLC Information Services
3 Louis Dr.
Katonah, NY 10536

Company Website: www.mi-card.com
CodecPhone Website: www.CodecPhone.com
Phone: 914-347-2450 (Click the number to Call)
FAX: 914-347-2454
Email: sales@i800-2u.com
Dream Cruise Created Click and Call Telephone Directory: Click Here

  • You may click and call any of these cruise and travel related 800 phone numbers if you have the calling software offered by Codecphone already. Otherwise, follow the instruction to install the calling software from the Mi-Card button above.


7.Utility Tools included In This Mi-Card by Dream Cruise For Your Pleasure Or Productivity

Dream Cruise believes in comparative shopping.
The following web sites are interesting and useful places to visit for your cruise planning and experience:


8. Making Mi-Card As A Part Of Your Dream Cruise

Mi-Card is an innovative product for capturing beautiful memories.

  • If you have clicked the Mi-Card button above, you would have appreciated the value of Mi-Card for Cruise companies to reach you you with useful information and for you to reach the cruise company for obtaining more precise information. Did you know what Mi-Card can do for you in planning a cruise, during your cruise and even after the cruise? It will help you to do the shopping and booking correctly.
  • So ask your cruise company for a Mi-Card so you can share it with your spouse and/or friends to plan your dream cruise.
  • You can also order your own Mi-Card to capture the highlights of your cruise and save it as an everlasting memento. Ask your cruise liner whether they offer this service. Your Mi-Card can be created while you are still on-board the cruise. Digital camera will be used to capture your highlights which will be stored and organized in a Mi-Card for you.
  • You can also order your personal Mi-Card and give them to your family and friends so they will share your Dream Cruise. Usually there will be a discount offered if you order your Mi-Card before boarding the cruise, although you can order it during or even after your cruise.
  • If you take a digital camera to your cruise, you can simply give your picture files to a Mi-Card staff on-board or afterwards to produce a beautiful Mi-Card for you. Amazingly, the Mi-Card technology is very affordable, its cost is generally in the range between $25 to as low as $1 a piece depending on the reproduction volume you order. Additional cost must be added if design work, personalized printing or special packaging is desired. In any case, this high-tech calling card CD offers long lasting and easily sharable value than paper photographs do.
  • Since Mi-Card  can be viewed off-Internet or on-Internet, you may consider maintaining your Mi-Card information including the phone numbers that you inserted in the Mi-Card on a web page. We can host this web page for you with a very low cost, $.50 a day with a minimum 30 days. Lower rate for longer term hosting is available. With your Mi-Card hosted on the web, you can let your friends or clients order your Mi-Card through download. There will be a charge per download if you would like to have the calling card feature supported. Of course, the calling card feature is extremely attractive, since it will allow your friends calling you from anywhere around the world while viewing your dream cruise pictures.
  • For any inquiry, please send email to sales@i800-2u.com with subject Mi-Card.
  • Click samples in the Mi-Card to get a feel of what kind of Mi-Card you may create. There is a baby announcement Mi-Card  you may want to view.

9. Mi-Card Manager

As Mi-Card becomes a world-wide received product which we are certain it will, multiple Mi-Cards can be managed in your PC with a Mi-Card manager. The functions of the Mi-Card manager include editing, sorting, search, update and import/export cards. Contact Mi-Card development team for more information and availability. If the Mi-Card you received from Dream Cruise does not have a Mi-Card manager, you may save it into another Mi-Card which has a Mi-Card  manager.