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I. What is Mi-Card?
The Mi-Card is an innovative concept creating an effective, interactive medium for marketing and sales. The Mi-Card takes advantage of computers and the Internet, and the technological advances to produce the most effective marketing, advertising, and sales tool for businesses to attract, retain, and conclude business transactions with customers.

Mathew Lombard, Department of Broadcasting, Temple University and Jennifer Snyder-Duch, Communication Processes, University Wisconsin on Interactive Advertising:

Applying traditional models, designed for media that provide users with a passive, impersonal experience, will be unsuccessful for the new interactive digital media.

The Mi-Card can provide marketing and advertising information laced with hyperlinks to always current web pages. Relevant contact information such as phone numbers and email can be included to faciliitate instant contact by click and call or click and mail. For example, you can click sales at to speak to a sales person right this
minute. If you don't have the calling software on your PC, see below to find out how you can get it and how the Mi-Card can take advantage of that tool for you and your customers.

II. What are the benefits of Mi-Card?
Mi-Card is a new concept with numerous advantages compared to tradiitional marketing and advertising media. The key benefits are:

  • Inexpensive to produce in comparison with printed brochures, catalogs and flyers
  • Always present current information due to imbedded web page links
  • Can be distributed in CD format inexpensively and updated via Internet web download
  • Contains communication tools and/or links to allow customers to make instant communication with the merchants, try to click and call IPO2U.COM, Inc. the company created Mi-Card
  • Can create a click and call telephone directory for your entire company and your partners
  • Check out the powerful i800 directory contained in this Mi-Card
  • Can include useful applications to increase even more the utility value of this Mi-Card, for example, click to get a mortgage interest table or a calendar Receivers of Mi-Card will save it on their PC as an icon and it is available for indefinite use; this is the most persistent advertising medium exposed to the users daily Mi-Card produced in a credit card sized CD is a most portable impressive marketing material a company can give out
  • Can turn any business phone number into a world wide Internet accessible phone number like '800' numbers; you can create a mini e800 directory for your company like this example: Phone Directory
(Click & Call)
Sales and Marketing Office
Technical Department
Design Team

III. Where to get more information about the Mi-Card product and Technology?

  • Click Mi-Card here on more product information
  • Click IPO2U.COM here on technologies used in Mi-Card

IV. How to Order Mi-Cards for my company or myself?

  • Simply click the order button on top, and proceed to the order form.
  • Personal Mi-Card is called PINC (Personal Interactive Name Card) which is name card size CD pictured below:
The Name Card size Mi-Card

V. Contact
36 Saw Mill River Rd.
Hawthorne, NY 10532

Company Website:
CodecPhone Website:
Phone: 914-347-2450 (Click the number to Call)
FAX: 914-347-2454
i800 Directory: Click Here

  • i800 directory is a telephone directory included in this Mi-Card for your use and convenience. It contains thousands of 800 phone numbers of various businesses that you canclick and call. Try to click Hertz to rent a car or click US Flowers to order a bouquet for your loved one

Mi-Card Manager

As Mi-Card becomes a well received product which we are certain it will,
multiple Mi-Cards can be managed in your PC with a Mi-Card manager. The functions of the Mi-Card manager include editing, sortimng, search, update and import/export cards. Conatct Mi-Card development team for more information and availability.